20 Signs you are a travel addict

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I love travelling. Travelling is an addiction, that’s for sure. Once you taste it – you will want more and more. The thing about this drug is that it’s a good one. It makes you feel happy, alive, it satisfies all your taste buds, and your whole body starts to crave it as soon as you return home. Are you always dreaming of adventures, seeing new places, trying exotic food, exploring new locations, sceneries, horizons and making memories? Does your Ultimate Bucket List never end? Then read these ‘20 Signs you are a travel addict’ to see if you already are!

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1. Your travel bucket list never ends.

2. On your way home from a trip, you’re already planning your next adventure.

3. You keep looking for flights and destinations deals while on the toilet.

4. You work only to fund your trips.

Couple camping holding hands and looking at sunrise - Signs you are a travel addict

5. You said that this year you will start saving, but then you book trips instead.

6. Your family and friends complain that you are always travelling.

7. You always roll your eyes at people in the airport having to repack, because you are a packing pro.

8. You don’t watch the news. But you have seen all the travel documentaries.

9. Every profile picture on your Facebook is from a different country.

10. Jet-lag doesn’t bother you.

Printable Travel Planner - Signs you are a travel addict


11. You know basic phrases in the language of every country you’ve visited.

12. People seek you for travel advice.

13. And also moan about how you can afford to travel so much.

14. You know the majority of the street names before you even visit the place.

15. Scratching off the destination from your scratch map is your second favourite hobby, right after travelling.

16. Not getting a stamp in your passport makes you sad.

17. Booking flights gets you high.

View from the plane - overlooking bridge - Signs you are a travel addict


18. 90% of your mailbox is full of hotel and flights confirmations.

19. You have plenty of coins left from every country you visited.

20. You have a collection of small plastic bags for carry-on liquids.


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