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Hey guys, I hope you are enjoying your weekend – especially with it being a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. Although the weather doesn’t look so good, and the more north we travel – the colder it gets! We are now aboard the CrossCountry train to Edinburgh looking forward to spending a few days alone, maybe disconnect from Social Media and just recharge – it has been a crazy week! With that said I thought that, instead of my studying for my diploma, I would use this time to show you three quick and easy steps on the best way to book and how to save money on all your flights and hotels!

Sounds good? Then keep on reading!

Step no. 1 – Plan Ahead

I always use to look for flight tickets. It’s a very simple website and not only does it show you the cost of the flight but also the cheapest price during the selected month. From my travelling experiences, I know that it can be more expensive to fly on Saturday or Sunday compared to Mondays or Tuesday one week but the next week it has reversed. A great option which a lot of other sites miss out on is the fact that if you’re unsure of where you’d like to travel then you can just select ‘Everywhere’ which can really help, plus you might end up going somewhere you never thought about due to it being so cheap. price comparison and how the best day to fly

With green being the cheapest and red being the most expensive, you can clearly see the price difference and decide the best dates to travel. Find the cheapest flights with


How to find the cheapest flights with

Step no. 2 – Use Credits

After you have chosen where and when you want to fly, will show you a list of companies who you can book your tickets with. Some companies have their own credit scheme where you can gain points or rewards for booking directly through themselves so it might be worth checking them out before booking anything. The two main airlines for this are British Airways Executive Club and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club although Ryanair is giving back 10% when booking a hotel with them after you have booked your flight.

Example of Ryanair Travel Credit – a great way to save money on travel

Step no. 3 – is your best friend

I love, that much I am now a genius member and use it every time we go somewhere. The best part, which I love, is that you don’t have to pay upfront and you usually have a free cancellation period up to 48 hours prior to arriving at your hotel. Which is great – if you are like me and planning trips months ahead and keep changing your mind. Plus, if you use more than five times, you will become a Frequent Traveller and start receiving a genius discount – meaning some hotels will start to offer you from 10% to 15% off of the price. See how easy it is to get your trip sorted?

An example of a genius discount being applied to

As we are now nearing our final stop I will end this here, I hope this has helped give you some ideas on how to make those pounds go that little bit further. Feel free to leave any comments or send me an email if you would like any help with your trip, I will be more than happy to help you plan your next amazing getaway!

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