5 tips to stay healthy this winter

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It seems like this year’s winter is approaching us fast; with crisp mornings wrapped in cream fogs as well as seasonal illnesses, not including the whole coronavirus fiasco. With further restrictions, businesses shut and grey rainy clouds this season can knock you off your feet even easier both mentally and physically. I was already talking about how to stay fit during the lockdown earlier this year when lockdown 1.0 happened. So following that article, I decided to put together 5 tips to stay healthy this winter no matter where about in the world you are!

Eat plenty of fruits and vegs

I know, I know, winter is all about being snuggled up on the sofa, drinking eggnog and eating comfort food, I get it. And as comforting as it sounds, it’s not always the best idea. Our immune system is lower than it is in summer, so we have to look after our health a little bit more. I know what I’m talking about, I literally just recovered from Carl’s man flu. Fruits and vegs are essential for boosting the immune system, especially greens and foods rich in vitamin C, ginger and citrus fruit. I love having my fruit and vegs in smoothies, they are super easy to make and packed with lots of nutrition!

Go for a walk


Netflix and chill sound more repelling than wearing 20 layers and walking around the neighbourhood. With the current lockdown situation, it’s is even more important to get out of the house. Being stuck in the home office for 8 hours and then moving to the sofa to watch Netflix is the worst idea ever. Our body and brain need that dose of fresh air, and even if the sun is not as warm in the winter, our skin needs vitamin D too. Going for a 30 minutes walk daily helps with that stiffed back you keep moaning about, it improves sleeping pattern, and it helps mentally. Take your dog, kids, grandkids, or whoever you live with and get walking. I promise you that you will feel better afterwards.

Try new activities and engage the brain

Sure, maybe trying new activities during these difficult times can be challenging, but, there are so many ideas out there you can try from the comfort of your house. What about sudoku, crosswords, maybe try to learn a new instrument, such as playing the guitar? Engage the brain and engage your family too. It’s easy to fall into the stereotype, especially now. Check out my article 70 Things to do when you’re bored at home or get my free Travel Matching Pair Games and play with your family. Winner winner chicken dinner!

Set Goals

Staying motivated is also one of the 5 tips to stay healthy this winter. Being motivated and setting goals (both short-term and long-term) helps the brain to stay focused and to have clear visions of where we would like to be and where we see ourselves. Maybe you want to lose a little bit of weight before Christmas? Set a goal. You don’t want to drink until Christmas? Set a goal. Maybe you want to hit 1000 followers on Instagram on your new travel account? Set a goal.

Get plenty of sleep

Sleeping is one of the most important activities you can do to help your body and brain. Aim for 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. If you’re not well-rested, then you are an easier target for catching a virus. Our body needs to recharge to be able to release all the energy and repair all the cells, tissues and muscles.

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