70 Things to do when you are bored at home

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There is nothing wrong with being bored. Especially now, during the lockdown. I know it can be difficult to find something to do when you feel like you have tried everything or have seen all the movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime. If your days are moving from bed to sofa, to kitchen and back and you are already lost in the world of bad news, repetitive Tik Tok videos, drank too much alcohol and ate too much pizza, then maybe I can inspire you. I’ve combined together a list of 70 Things to do when you are bored at home, including self-care, personal development and fun activities.

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Things to do when you are bored at home



Fun Activities and Things to do when you are bored at home



  • Plan your travel bucket list

  • Compose a new music list

  • Connect with old friends/family you haven’t spoken to in ages

  • Complete some puzzles

  • Draw something

  • Try colouring books for adults


  • Experimental cooking

  • Take an online cooking class

  • Bake a cake

  • Wine tasting

  • Whiskey tasting

  • Read your old magazines

  • Do an indoor photo shoot

  • Write reviews for places you visited or items you brought

Try meditation - Things to do when you are bored at home

Self Care Activities and Things to do when you are bored at home

  • Have a bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine

  • Do your own Mani&Pedi

  • Learn how to cut your hair

  • Learn how to shape your eyebrows

  • Dye your hair

  • Make your own hair mask (I love using coconut oil, almond milk and a whole egg – does magic to your hair!)

  • Meditate

Keep active during the lockdown

Keep Active at home

Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development

  • Update your old blog posts and SEO

  • Create a budget for next month

  • Create a plan for getting rid of your debt

You can also clean the house while bored at home

Cleaning and Decorating

  • Clean your house

  • Don’t forget about the windows

  • Sort the garage

  • Decorate your house

  • Clean your wardrobe

  • Sell or donate old clothes and items you don’t need anymore

  • Do some gardening

  • Plant seeds indoors

  • Clean your car

  • Sort out your emails

  • Unsubscribe from all the junk emails

  • Sort out all your pictures and videos

  • Clean your phone

  • Clean your laptop/PC

  • Make a wish list of things you want to buy on Amazon

Last but not least

  • Enjoy your time at home, as you will soon be back sitting in that office wishing you could chill at home


So, which of the above activities have you done during the lockdown? Tell me what your Things to do when you are bored at home are in the comments below! I really hope that some of my ideas inspire you to get over that boredom and make you start new exciting projects!

Workout Sheets to help stay fit during the lockdown




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