Who am I?

In this section, you can find out a little bit about the life of the crazy girl behind ‘Karina_Keeps_Escaping’!

Maybe you’ll realize that we are more similar than you think!

I’m not going to bore you with my life story or long, uninteresting facts about myself, but if you would like to know more or just fancy a chat then feel free to leave a comment or hit me up via social media!

So, where did it all start?

I’ve always had a passion for travelling and exploring ever since I can remember, yet only recently did I get the chance to start travelling a lot and I am now going on over nine trips a year. My poor bank account, but hell, we only live once! (and yes, I work full-time 9-5).

Another love of mine is writing. I have even won a few competitions back in Slovakia (I have have been living in the UK for the past five years). So I decided that instead of writing on other blog platforms I will create my blog.
It has become my baby, my passion and my very own little world. So wipe your feet before you enter..!

I don’t think my travelling has any specific category – every trip I plan is entirely different. Sometimes I stay in grand 5* hotels and indeed spoil myself, other times in a tent. It all depends on what we are looking for at the time. I love to escape and explore (that’s why ‘Escaping’), I love to eat, and I love to aspire other people to travel and explore more too!
That’s why I divided my blog into four categories covering all aspect of what I love about traveling.

Around the Globe and Travel Advices are predominantly about places to see, where to sleep, what to see, experiences I didn’t like but still did so that I could tell you all about it and maybe laugh at it too!
Because I love to eat and I love to try different cuisines, I had to have a ‘Foodie’ section where I will be sharing with you all the best (and worst) restaurants, local food, and drinks!
LifeStyle covers useful information, e.g., the essentials I can’t travel without, what gadgets I have, how to stay fit while travelling and other useful info like what to do if you get heat stroke or how to avoid it (big thanks to my man for saving me).

We should do what we love, what makes us happy and I want to share that passion and love, to show them that things are possible! That there is no time to wait for that perfect moment, perfect place, perfect person. Do it now as tomorrow may be too late!

So, if you liked what you see, or think we have a few things in common, why not follow me on Social Media? If that’s not enough, send me an email or subscribe to my mailing list and you will be the first one to know of any upcoming future activities!


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    1. Hi Kevin! Thank you very much for your positive feedback! Great, will have a look and good luck with it! Let me know if you need any help 🙂 Karina

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