How to become a morning person

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I’ve always been a morning person. The sooner I get up, the sooner I get things done and then after work I can either chill out, go to the gym, socialise and be in bed by 10pm, maybe 10.30 if I treat myself to a movie and wine.

I know some people operate differently; some people like to start their day with a run, coffee, shower, or some people like to stay in bed for as long as possible. If this is you and you have a very strong relationship with your bed, maybe I can inspire you with some of my best routines and ideas on how to be a better morning person. I’m not saying you have to get up at 5, it all depends on you and what time you go to work, school or look after the kids and how much time you want to allocate for other activities.

I can guarantee you that being a morning person increases your productivity and well-being.

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You snooze you lose. Don't snooze your alarm in the morning

5 Second Rule or you snooze you loose

No, as I said earlier, you don’t have to get up at 5am or even 6am. You can get up whatever time suits you, as long as it’s still morning. I like to allocate two-three hours before work to either work on my blog or exercise etc. Make sure you do the same, you will be surprised by how much you can get done, but only if you leave that snooze button alone. That’s the rule. Rule of five. When your alarm goes off, turn it off and count to five, then get up. I know, this takes more than just willpower, but once you get into it, you’ll see how easy it is. Get it done, Do it, Don’t snooze. If you snooze you lose!

Make your bed

If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

This one’s easy. When you get up, make your bed. Maybe you don’t feel like it in the morning, but when you get home after a long day, there is no better feeling than having a ready-made bed to collapse in and not having to do anything else, just slide under the duvet and unwind. I struggled with making my own bed in the morning for a long time until I met Carl and he changed my thinking about it. You know, there really is something about it. So, start your mornings by making your bed and you’ll feel better. It’s like you just woke up and have already accomplished something.

Are you ready to become a morning person?


I love doing my morning yoga and stretches routine. Especially if I worked out the night before. Getting up early and giving my body a good stretch positively sets my mood for the rest of the day. If you don’t like yoga, or it’s too difficult, maybe you could try meditation or go for a steady jog. Anything that keeps your heart pumping has a beneficial effect on your overall health, both physical and mental. There are so many YouTube Channels and Apps to help you with your morning workouts. I really like Yoga with Adriene, Joe Wicks the Body Coach, and Anita’s Herbert workout videos on Instagram.

Yoga in the morning


I can’t start my day without a shower and my skin routine. Having a shower in the morning wakes not only the body but also your mind. You feel refreshed, awake and you are ready to take on the world. And if you feel brave enough, take a cold shower. A cold shower in the morning helps to boost metabolism and rise up your energy levels.

As for skincare, we are not getting any younger. Our skin is exposed to trillions of factors affecting its look, from UV to dust, pollution, blue screens on PC’s, tablets and phones and also air-con units in your office, car or warehouse. Applying just a small amount of a face cream with at least 30 SPF in the morning will do the trick. And for my female readers, I know we all love skin products, from toners to eye creams, neck creams, primers and full-face makeup, so below I combined a list of products I use and I can’t praise enough:


Get dressed

After your shower, skin, makeup and hair routine it’s time to get dressed. I try to dress nicely even if I’m working from home, or just better than I used to. You can only wear those baggy lazy pants or socks with your toes sticking out for so long. Plus, it makes you feel so much better, motivated even! So, make the effort. Put something nice on – you’re not dressing up for anyone but yourself, and remember you are the most important person and should feel good about it!

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Check your vision board/journal

If you have your vision board or a journal where you plan your week ahead, open it, look at it. Look at all your goals and plan where you want to be, where you want to go, from places to see, things you want to change and picture yourself accomplishing them. Feels good, doesn’t it? Being positive in the morning with a clear vision of what you want to achieve makes you feel more creative and motivated. And it definitely makes you want to accomplish all your goals right away.

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    Spend time going through your vision board in the morning

    Affirmations and Gratitude 

    Gratitude and Affirmations is a way to go in the morning

    Start your day with gratitude and affirmations. I’ve written my affirmation and my gratitude down in my diary, and every morning I open it and go through them. I say out loud what I am thankful for and what I want to achieve each day. You can start small, take baby steps, for example, you can say I am grateful for managing to get up earlier than usual and that today will be a good day and I am ready to take on new challenges.

    If you are looking for a more motivational articles, check out my How to stay motivated not only during the corona outbreak article.

    Become a morning person: Start with breakfast

    Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. (Sifferlin, 2013)

    Become a morning person - Learn how to make breakfast in the morning

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, giving you enough energy to start the day and to keep you going until lunch without those embarrassing gurgling sounds. Plus, if you work out before breakfast, your body burns more calories during the day, forcing your metabolism to work faster. I am a huge fan of breakfast, I very rarely skip breakfast. I like to spend time in the kitchen, to prepare anything from poached eggs and avocado toasts, to pancakes with yogurt and berries, or smoothie bowls. If you’re not in the habit of having breakfast before leaving the house, change it. I am not kidding, you will notice a huge difference in how your day will be going. Skip that McDonald’s bacon muffin and coffee and make your own in the morning.

    Check out this book full of healthy breakfast recipes:


    I can promise you that once you see the perks of waking up earlier and having time to yourself, it will soon become a habit and will help you with your daily routines to become a morning person. There is no point being awake until midnight or even later watching Netflix when you can get so many things done in the morning, so don’t hit that snooze button!

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      Karina x


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      11 thoughts on “How to become a morning person

      1. Such a lovely post! I definitely agree with you that making your bed and doing Yoga in the morning helps a lot. I’ve heard about this 5-second rule before but didn’t actually try it. Need to give it a go.

      2. Love the 5 second rule! I have a strong relationship with my bed so I have to put my phone out of reach so that when the alarm goes off I have to get out of bed to turn it off!

        1. Tahryn, that is a great idea! The annoying sound if that morning alarm will 100% make you get out and turn it off haha 😀 Just don’t go back to sleep after 😀

      3. I’m a morning person too! Even when I was in high school, I was getting up around 3am so I can do homework and read because I could think better at that time. Like you, what motivates me to get up early is the fact that I could relax earlier in the afternoon.

        1. Hi Corrine, I am glad to read this that I am not the only one like this! I prefer to get up way early before everyone else so I all thee things done and then after work I can chill out 😀 or work even more hahaha!

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