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Are you asking yourself what your travel-obsessed friend, sister, brother or cousin needs for Christmas? Well, this year it’s pretty easy. To travel. Overpack that backpack or suitcase again, drag it across the airport and fly above the clouds to the destination they wished to visit in 2020. This year sucked in every possible way, so let’s make December better and give those travel lovers something useful, something to remind them of all the memories and help them get through those withdraw syndrome due to lack of travelling! These gift ideas I picked for you today will help capture those travel memories, inspire future adventures or make life on the road so much easier and enjoyable! So, if you’re struggling with ideas, here are the best gifts for travellers you can give to them in 2020!

(Disclaimer: Some of the links are affiliate links, I will earn a little commission for each item sold, but it doesn’t affect the cost of the item at all.)

Portable Charger

One of the most useful things we have on our travels. We use the Anker mini portable charger, and I’ve lost count of how many times it saved our (batteries) lives! It can fully charge a mobile phone up to three times. It’s safe for flights and is also convenient and small, fitting into any pocket or travel bag. The USB is detachable, so it can charge pretty much anything.

Anker Portable charger useful gift for travellers

Antique Desk Globe

Forget the traditional globe you had to use back in school! I am talking about an antique style globe! Perfect for the office, living room or bedroom with its rustic design, it fits everywhere, and your fellow wanderer will simply fall in love with it!

Beautiful antique globe



Scratch map

Probably not going to scratch too many countries off this year. But what a great reminder of all those places your travel lover visited in the past? Scratch maps are one of the best gifts for travellers this year.

Scratch map is the perfect gift for travel lovers

Passport Holders

I don’t have one myself, but I keep saying I need one (hint hint, haha!). Practical and fully customisable, from plain colours to unique designs! Cheap and useful to keep all your documents in one place!

Passport Holder - Adventure begin


International Travel Plug Adapter

This is a great and practical item for all those travel addicts out there. Every country has got different electricity standards, which means plug adaptors change and what works in the United Kingdom may not work in Slovakia. Having all the adapters in one compact device is such a smart idea. It saves time looking for the right adapter each time!

International Travel Plug Adapter Bundle

Portable Luggage Scale

We love our portable luggage scale. We take it every time we fly, especially with hold luggage. If we had to pay £1 every time for weighing it at the airport or having to sort out our overweight bags, it would add up to a return flight somewhere in Europe! It is cheap, small, saves you the hassle and doesn’t weigh anything!

Portable Travel Scale - the ideal gift for travellers

Amazon Kindle Readers

A more expensive gift, again, it can be handy. It is smaller, lighter and thinner than any book and it actually fits quite a few books and travel guides in! We travel addicts love to read travel books and magazines, especially on those long-haul flights and road trips.

Amazon Kindle Reader - gifts for travellers


Travel Magazine Subscription

Every travel lover will love this surprise! I love getting my travel magazines via the post. I’m signed up for Wanderlust, and every time I receive my magazine, it’s like a Christmas present (or birthday present.) They are filled with great travel inspiration and amazing pictures, and I do love to collect them! Plus, they are packed in a recyclable cover, not plastic!

You don’t always have to pay the full price – I know a few tips. For example, for my 6-months subscription of Lonely Planet, I only paid £5. That’s less than £1 per issue! (Lonely Planet doesn’t print their magazines anymore.)

Check this website guys, here are some great deals for Travel Magazines (but not limited) in the UK!

Also, Wanderlust magazine has some offers, their print subscription now starts at £17.50 for 10 issues on their actual website, while on iSubscribe you can get 5 issues for £5!

Best Gifts for travellers

Readly Subscription

Readly is an addiction, no kidding. Readly is a simple app featuring magazines from the majority of countries around the world, including the USA, Germany, and the United Kingdom. With over 4000 magazines listed, it is easily one of the best applications on the market, giving the access to all those magazines travel addict loves to read. Give Readly as a gift!

Readly best magazine app on the market - gifts for travellers

Camera Gorilla Tripod

Every traveller is a photography lover, trying to capture those magical memories and experiences. It doesn’t matter if he or she collects pictures via their phone or a professional camera, the gorilla tripod is the perfect accessory! It bends, folds, hangs and holds equipment. We have one, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Especially as I travel solo sometimes. I’m not confident in asking strangers to take pictures of me or trust them not to run off. So instead I place the tripod where I need to, set the camera on a timer or connect it with my phone, and tadaaa!

Joby Camera Gorilla Tripod - gifts for travellers


Camera Tripod

Another great idea to choose from the best gifts for travellers is a camera tripod. Yes, it’s very similar to gorilla tripod but, this one can be extended and holds a much heavier camera than the small gorilla pod.

Camera Tripod

External Hard Drive

Where else will your travel lover store all their images? Of course on an External Hard Drive. Especially in places like Asia, where internet connection is not great and relying on the Cloud is not always the best option. Getting one of these is a good and practical idea. We’ve both had WD (one of the best ones IMO) for a few years and had no problems with them at all.

WD Elements 2TB External Hard Drive - gifts for travellers


Travel Backpack

Seriously, if you’re looking for that perfect gift for someone who loves travelling, getting a backpack is definitely a good bet! Especially Matein Travel Backpack from Amazon; it costs a ridiculous low £16 and has over 5000 five star reviews! We own one, and we can’t recommend it enough. When we travelled to Asia, it held all our equipment. And there was a lot in it! Two laptops, drone, camera, three lenses, all the small accessories, cables, batteries, charges, GoPro, and the list goes on! Plus, it has a padded backing and an anti-theft section for extra peace of mind!

Best Travel Backpack for all the gadgets for travellers - gifts for travellers

Packing Cubes

Cheap and practical. This is how I would describe our packing cubes. They are a lifesaver when travelling with tons of items. It organises all your clothes, shoes and accessories into departments, so those socks will never go missing again! They don’t weigh anything, and they are super cheap!

Packing cubes are a very practical gift for that travel addict you know- gifts for travellers


I don’t think there needs to be any comment to this, right? Which traveller doesn’t want a drone? For all those breathtaking bird-eye images! Drones are an expensive gift, but if it is for someone you really love, or you know she/he has been dreaming about the drone for a while, then it’s your best gift idea for sure.

DJ Mavic Drone Mini White - Best gifts for travellers

Wireless Headphones

Anker Soundcore Wireless Earbuds are the perfect travel companion for every traveller out there. Small, easy to carry around, fits in every pocket plus has more than 40 hours of playtime and a fast charge.

gifts for travellers - anker soundcore wireless earbuds

Wine Subscription

Ha, I do like this gift very much! I really think that every traveller is also somehow a wine person. Hands up if you agree? But seriously, so far every country I visited there was an opportunity to book a wine tasting trip. Plus holding a glass of nice Pinot Grigio also makes for the perfect pose! Check out this great idea from Wine List! Basically, every month you pay £39 and get wine delivered directly to your door! You will also get access to their courses and can learn everything about wine, how to taste it, it’s environmental impacts and what is actually in your glass!

Eco-Friendly Travel Gifts

Natural Bamboo Toothbrush – Set of 4
Reusable Bamboo Straws
Eco-friendly Pencils – Set of 5
Sustainable Reusable Makeup Pads


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