February 2020 Highlights



Happy March, guys! How crazy does that sound? The days are getting longer, the weather is getting better (sort of), daffodils are starting to bloom together with magnolia trees and the world is waking up from hibernation.

Writing this article took me longer than planned, but it was because I really had to think about what happened in February! February wasn’t as exciting as January, but here are my February 2020 Highlights.

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Trip to Amsterdam

One of my biggest highlights of February 2020 was a group trip to Amsterdam. Five of us travelled together to spend a long weekend in the capital city of the Netherlands, partly to explore, mainly to party. But what we didn’t realise was just how expensive actually Amsterdam is!

Amsterdam - Red Light District at evening
Amsterdam – Red Light District at evening

We stayed over in B&B Boterton in Koog an de Zaan, which is just 20 minutes by train to Amsterdam. It cost us £500, split five ways, and was one of the cheapest accommodations I was able to find for those dates.

Now, the truth. I didn’t like Amsterdam. I didn’t connect with this city nor with its history. I found it very tacky, mainly because all the shops were the same, selling the same items, drugs or sex. Plus, I found the smell of weed disgusting. I have been to Jamaica and the weed smelt cleaner there than here. We walked away from the main parts of Amsterdam, towards the Skinny Bridge, University and lesser-known streets, but it all looked the same.


I am glad I went with my friends, we did have fun together, but we drank mostly in our B&B, it was cheaper and easier to get supplies from the local supermarket and play games and pool. Yes, the B&B has got pool table in the living room! 


So, if you’re wondering if I will be returning to Amsterdam, the answer is no. To the Netherlands maybe because I would love to see the tulip fields and windmills.

Royal Dutch Airlines – Best Airline ever? 

I’ve flown with many airlines, but this was my first with Royal Dutch Airlines aka KLM. Costing just £90 for return flights From Birmingham. The flight only takes an hour but the service we received was exceptional. What surprised me the most was that included in the ticket price were two cabin bags and free choice of seats! Our group was able to sit next to each other on both flights. Okay, I was lying. What surprised me the most was that complimentary drinks were included (yep, that’s both wine for the ladies and beer for the boys); tea and coffee together with cake and sandwiches! I mean, KLM, daaaaamn! Also, the crew was exceptionally friendly, professional and with a great sense of humour! From now on, every time I get a chance, I will try to book my flights with KLM. Thank you!

Arriving to Amsterdam

Posts from February

February was one of my more productive months for blogging and vlogging. I finally publish a video from Bali and am now working on the next one. I hope to release one video a month – one is still better than none!

My February posts: 

Artotel Sanur Bali: Vlog

What I read in February

I love reading and should read more, but balancing full-time jobblogging, going to the gym and having some Social Life outside of Social Media, there isn’t enough time. Anyway, I do have two books I’m currently reading when I find the time – normally while having a bath. As a big lover of motivational books and learning, here are the two books:

Corona Virus – booked a trip to Italy

In February, I and my friend Kat – we booked ourselves a trip to Tuscany, Italy. Since last year we were talking about wine tasting and that we’d both love to visit Tuscany and relax by the pool while trying some Italian wine. So, even though coronavirus is currently striking across the globe, we booked our flights for July to Pisa. Well, whole Italy is now on lockdown (updated 11th of March 2020) and we are unsure what’s gonna happen. Plenty of airlines are now cancelling flights or re-routing. The situation is made worse by the media and people are panicking. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that the situation will soon calm down.


Cancelled plans

Talking about cancelled plans, I’ve cancelled my flights in March to Marseille. There are warnings in place for travelling to France (like elsewhere with current corona situation) and because I have asthma and a low immune system, I don’t think it would be wise for me to risk it. I lost about £60 for flights and the Airbnb, but money doesn’t matter when it comes to life. I still have my Monday 16th of March off, so I might just go somewhere in England and make the most out of my free Monday 🙂


Guys, what about you and your travel plans? Did you have to cancel your travel plans? 


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