Get involved – Marine Conservation Society

Get involved – Marine Conservation Society


We see it everywhere.

From plastic cups, straws and food wrappers littering the floor after a night out in the town, to city streets and national parks full of rubbish blowing in the wind and having almost as much plastic than fish in our oceans. But the worst? The worst is yet to come if we – human beings refuse to start taking responsibility.

Is this what you really want? (Credit:

It is a chain reaction, think of the butterfly effect in which a small change can result in significant differences at a later stage. Every action has got consequences, and it doesn’t affect only us, or the people around us, it changes a whole spectrum of other life.

Since Carl started doing his scuba diving last year and we became part of the Marine Conservation Society – I was also blind and didn’t see that my Friday McDonald’s Fanta cup, especially the lid and the straw can end up on the bottom of a baby whale tummy.

Did you know?

It takes five years for a plastic bottle thrown away in California to travel all the way to Japan and back again. Unless it gets swallowed by another marine animal.

Imagine how many plastic bags this whale can swallow… Credit:

I know it is not easy, especially when big companies and supermarkets feed you with plastic packaging and bags, but every little can help to protect our land, oceans and all the gorgeous creatures that call this fantastic world home.

Remember, WE NEED THE OCEANS, the oceans don’t need us!

I have prepared for you a list of items I currently use and swap in our household + more! Each piece is affiliated with Amazon, so every purchase you make – I get a little commission. All the money I make will be put towards the Marine Conservation Society to help fund beach cleaning and to teach everyone the importance of looking after the world, we only have one, let’s not lose it. So, what are you waiting for? Get involved – Marine Conservation Society.

Products I use and can thoroughly recommend:


SoSeas Bamboo Tooth Brushes – £10 

Panda Tooth Brush Set £10

BodyShop Hand soap: £3 -£5

Eco Cotton Buds : £11

Bamboo re-usable straws: £8 – £10

Shopping bags and re-usable bags: £9 – £15

Eco-Friendly water bottle: £25

More Eco-friendly Products

Hair Brush set, makeup brushes set or men shave brush: £6 to £16

Or use the link below and find your perfect product – don’t forget, all money goes to the Marine Conservation Society! 🙂

Get involved – Marine Conservation Society

Coming soon: Vlog from our Beach Cleaning Day (Subscribe below & you will be notified when it goes live)

What about #PlasticFreeChallenge in July? 


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