Hogwarts in the Snow – Everything you need to know and why you need to visit it

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I first visited Warner Bros. Studios in London back in 2016 as a birthday gift from me to me. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, this was and still is one of my top thing to do here in the UK (and I do it at least once a year). During Christmas, Warner Bros. Studio introduces their special edition of Hogwarts in the snow. It’s beyond magical! There are Christmas decorations throughout the entire Harry Potter tour, and you feel like you’re in the actual movie!

Hogwarts in the Snow - Hogwarts Castle in the snow - the one and only used during filmmmaking

Hogwarts in the Snow

I’ve been to Warner Bros. Studio Tour a few times now, both during Christmas and the summertime holidays and every time it looked different. Yes, there are new props added, new sections and there is always something to look at you might have missed last time you visited! Hogwarts in the snow is the best experience for all Potterheads out there. It doesn’t matter how old are you, in the wizarding world, time is irrelevant. From the Great Hall decorated with the tiniest details to wreaths, garlands and trees topped with witches flying on miniature broomsticks to Christmas puddings that burst into flames!

Booking Harry Potter Tour Tickets

You need to book tickets well in advance, especially when planning to visit Hogwarts in the snow. This Filmmaking of Harry Potter gets extremely busy due to school holidays and adults having time off for Christmas. I recommend booking tickets directly through their website, that’s what I have always done anyway, and you know they are real.

Book tickets for the Hogwarts in the snow on their official website Warner Bros. Tour in London



The cost of tickets goes up every year. In 2020 the cost for the Hogwarts in the snow theme is as below:

  • Adult (16+) – £47
  • Child (5 – 15) – £38
  • Family (2 adults and 2 kids; or 1 adult and 3 kids) – £150
  • Adult Complete Package (Studio Tour Ticket, Digital Guide & Paperback Souvenir Guidebook) – £56.95
  • Child Complete Package (same as an adult) – £47.95
  • Carer – FREE

Opening Times

The Warner Bros Studio Tour opens daily from 9am to 10pm, but for more details visit their website to confirm. Especially now, during Covid-19.


Hogwarts in the snow always starts in the middle of November and lasts until the end of January.

How to Get to the Harry Potter Studios London

Flying Ford Anglia - Harry Potter

By a car

The easiest way to get to the Harry Potter Studio Tour is by a car. Located at Leavesden Studios in Watford, near the M1 and M25 it makes it easy to access with plenty of signs as well as accessible on the majority of SatNavs and Google Maps. We aim to book tickets in the morning or midday ish as we live in Derby and traffic to London can be quite heavy, but we’re always lucky and avoided it. But like with everything else, timing is everything. Parking is free, but you have to show the tickets when accessing the parking site. There is tons of parking you don’t have to worry about parking space.

One and only Hogwarts Express used during filmmaking of Harry Potter
One and only Hogwarts Express used during filmmaking of Harry Potter

By a train

The nearest train station is Watford Junction. The direct services arrive from both – London Euston and Birmingham New Street.

Check out Trainline website for the best possible route and plan your perfect day at Hogwarts in the snow!


Knight Bus from Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban

By a shuttle bus

There is also a Warner Bros Shuttlebus running from Watford Junction to the Studio Tour with a journey time of approximately 15 minutes. This shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes from 9.20am. A return ticket is just £3, and you need to have your booking confirmation with you for the date of travel to use this the shuttle bus.

By a bus

Did you know that you can travel hassle-free by bus directly from central London or Birmingham? There is a Special Studio Tour bus scheduled by Golden Tours and offers a convenient, hourly return transfer and ticket packages on their buses. But again, you need to purchase a ticket for the studio tour first, or you can purchase a package from the Golden Tours website.

What to see at Hogwarts in the Snow

“It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” ― Albus Dumbledore

Warner Bros Studio Tour a Studio Map
(Image source: Warner Bros Studio Tour Website)

If you are a Potterhead, you need to visit Hogwarts in the snow. Or Warners Bros. Studio Tour anyway at any time of the year, because it is totally worth it and you’re gonna love it. Every time I went, I had goosebumps like for the first time, I kept smiling like a big kid, I loved it! It really felt like being in the Wizarding world, not kidding!


The Great Hall

The Great Hall is magnificent. The hall is decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands. Plus for a moment (or probably the entire period you are visiting Hogwarts in the snow) you are transferred from the dull real world into a better magical one.

The magnificent Great Hall

The Great Hall is magnificent. The hall is decorated with Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands and for a long moment (or probably the entire period you are in visiting Hogwarts in the snow) you are transferred from the real world out there into a better one

The Great Hall fully decorated in Christmas Decorations

True costume of Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape


“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.” – Albus Dumbledore

Filmmaking Props

Warner Bros. Studio Tour has all the props used in the Harry Potter movies. After the Great Hall, the next section is a showcase of the majority of items used in the films, including hairbrushes, cloaks, Hermione’s pink dress in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, makeup, sketches, mirror, lights! Everything, really! It is a truly filmmaking place, so you can’t get any closer to being in the Harry Potter Movies as being here.

Harry Potter Filmmaking Props

Harry Potter filmmaking props - Phoenix

Green Screens

Between walking through all the props and decorations, there are a few stops with green screens where you can have your ‘Harry Potter-style’ pictures taken. These make a great keepsake, especially the flying on the broomstick one. There are also a few stops where you can pick up a wand and learn some spells. Who doesn’t want to learn some new spells and wave a wand? Exactly.

Dumbledore Office, Gryffindor’s Common Rooms and beyond

Have you ever wanted to visit Dumbledore’s office? Now you can! Have you ever wanted to explore the Gryffindor’s Common Rooms? Now you can! What about trying butterbeer? I tried it. And I didn’t like it. It is a bit pricey (like everything in the Studio, or London generally) but it is a must if you never had it. It’s super sweet, and there is no actual alcohol in it, although it’s called beer. (I will be adding an article about my attempt of making butterbeer this Christmas with my little brother).

Albus Dumbledore's Office

Gryffindor Comms Room

Gryffindor Boys Room

Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest was open in March 2017, and it’s really only for the bravest ones! There are 19 gigantic trees, each with a diameter of 12 feet. But worst of all is all the hidden spiders and special effects which are just waiting to scare you!

You know what they say… Follow the spiders… Only if you dare to face Aragog, right?

But wait, there is so much more!

Follow the spiders...A giant prop of Aragog from Harry Potter

Aboard the Hogwarts Express

Try to push the trolley through the platform 9 ¾, or go onboard the real Hogwarts Express used in the films! You can also sit in one of the carriages and watch the whole world passing by the window… until the dementors show up!!

The platform 9 ¾,


Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Aboard of Hogwarts Express - Harry and Ron


Ron and Lavender aboard Hogwarts Express

The Hogwarts Castle in the snow

The Hogwarts Castle is also the final stop in the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Get ready for goosebumps and real magic! The castle fills the entire room, and the snow and lighting effects together with the music create something really spectacular. This was by far my favourite part of the Hogwarts in the snow tour!

“Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open.” – Albus Dumbledore

The magnificent Hogwarts castle in all its beauty

The magnificent Hogwarts castle in all its beauty


The magnificent Hogwarts castle in all its beauty

The magnificent Hogwarts castle in all its beauty

Food and Drinks in Warner Bros Studio Tour

You can take a packed lunch with you if you want to save some money, or you can go crazy and have butterbeer and chocolate frogs for dinner! There are a few options for you to dine in or grab a cup of coffee if you prefer so:

The Hot Chocolate Frog Café

Yes, you guess that right! The Hot Chocolate Frog Café is inspired by the real wizarding chocolate, and this café serves a selection of sweets, treats and ice cream, including cakes.

The Hub Café

This café guarded by the Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon in the Studio Tour Hub serves hot and cold drinks, including the favourite between muggles, Starbucks. You can also grab sandwiches and some bakery throughout the day, mainly baked in the Muggle World.

Famous and super sweet butterbeer

First time ever trying butterbeer

The Food Hall

Whether arriving early or late, you can get breakfast or dinner before or after your busy day at the Warner Bros Studio Tour. Including a full English breakfast or Fish n’ Chips as well as a full bakery selection to choose from. Check out their full menu. 

The Backlot Café

Halfway through the tour, you can stop by the Backlot Café with outdoor and indoor seating options available with the views from the wizarding and muggle world, including Knight Bus, Privet Drive and the Hogwarts Bridge. The Backlot Café is also where you can buy and try that famous Butterbeer, available in souvenir glasses to buy if you want to take them home with you. If ‘beer’ isn’t your thing, or you find it too sweet, you can also try Butterbeer ice cream – I personally didn’t have it so I can’t say if it was any good

The Harry Potter Tour Gift Shop

This gift shop is epic and full of magic! For a moment you feel like you’re visiting the shops in Diagon Valley, including Ollivanders! You pay using muggles money, so no need to exchange for galleons, but be ready that you might end up paying a small fortune because you will want to buy everything! Plus, it is pricey.

Getting my wand from Ollivanders



I don’t think there is a lot left to say just that if you are a Harry Potter fan, and haven’t been to Warner Bros. Studio in London yet, then go! I recommend booking those tickets for that magical theme Hogwarts in the snow; you gonna love it! Allow at least 4 hours to look around, so plan accordingly and enjoy all it offers! Along the tour, there is a Harry Potter soundtrack playing which makes the whole atmosphere even more enchanting!

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