How to spend one day in Dublin


‘Wanna visit Dublin for the day? Fly from Birmingham at 8am and return at 8pm?’

‘Yeah, let’s do it!’

That was our initial conversation between me and my best friend. No idea where the idea came from, but we did it. We spent one day in Dublin and although it is completely impossible to see everything in less than 24 hours, I think we did a pretty good job of sightseeing.

So for all those crazy travellers out there, here is the detailed itinerary of our one day in Dublin!

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8am – Arrival to Dublin

We landed just before 8am, but after having a few bottles of wine the previous night, the flight wasn’t as pleasant, so don’t do the same mistake as we did and make sure you stick to just one. Anyway, we were so super excited that we ignored the hangovers and by the time we had caught the bus to the city centre, we had sobered up (more or less).

The buses are frequent and easy to use. You can buy tickets online but you have to exchange them for an actual ticket. Everything you need to know can be found here:

It costs 6€ for a single and 11€ for a return. Details and maps are in the above link.

9am – Walk around the city and cross the Ha’Penny Bridge

Walk around the city and cross the Ha'Penny Bridge

Arriving in Dublin, we spent the first hour walking around and admiring this Irish City which none of us had visited before. Apparently, every tourist should walk across the famous Ha’Penny Bridge at least once, so we did it. It was built back in 1816 to replace all those ferries moving back and forth all the time. The name comes from ‘half-penny’ which was the toll people had to pay to cross the bridge.



10am – Beer at the famous (and also expensive) Temple Bar

Beer at the famous (and also expensive) Temple Bar

We wanted to visit the Temple Bar because we read so many good reviews, and although so many people avoid the bar because it’s pricey and always full, we had fun. The Temple Bar is known for its large collection of whiskeys, 450 types to be exact. Despite that rich choice, we stuck to beer, hair of a dog if you like. It was fun and vibrant. We were invited to take pictures behind the bar and there was a live band playing, so we sat down for a while and enjoyed the moment.

11am – Trinity College/Book of Kells

Trinity College/Book of Kells

Trinity College/Book of Kells

I was really excited when we were planning out our day in Dublin to visit the famous Trinity College Library. I love old libraries which have a soul and are full of ancient history and stories to be told.

Trinity College in Dublin is Ireland’s most famous college, primarily because of the collection of the ‘Book of Kells’, the 9th century illuminated manuscript.

If you want to visit this amazing library, you have to book your tickets in advance because it does get extremely busy and you don’t want to miss it during your one day in Dublin.

1.15pm – Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

It doesn’t look like a castle, more like an old palace, but you can stop by and do a quick tour as we did. It was built during the 13th century, changed, fought, and constructed over time and is now a major Irish government complex/conference centre, and of course, one of the main tourist attractions in Dublin.

2.15pm – Wandering around and having lunch 

Wandering around and having lunch during one day in Dublin

After visiting Dublin Castle, we wandered around for a while, admiring hidden narrow streets and their window displays, until we realised that it was time to have lunch. I can’t remember where we stopped for some food, but it took us a while to find something we would like and it wouldn’t be too crowded (we visited Dublin when the Rugby was on, yikes). We ended up having a sharing platter of chicken wings, prawns, pork ribs, potatoes wedges and chicken nuggets with beer and jager bombs. Because, why not, is our one day in Dublin, make the most out of it. Just to give you an idea of the price, we paid over £20 for this so it wasn’t too bad considering how Dublin can be expensive.

3.45pm – Saint Patrick’S Cathedral 

Saint Patrick'S Cathedral 

As we were nearby and had to walk off all of that deep-fried food, we stopped by Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. We didn’t go in, but I heard that the interior is worth checking out because of its architecture and history.

4.10pm – Finish your one day in Dublin in Hard Rock Cafe

We had less than an hour until we had to leave to the airport, but with all of that walking around and having a super early morning, we decided to wrap up our day in Dublin and headed to the Hard Rock Cafe to enjoy a few cocktails.

Finishing our one day in Dublin in Hard Rock Cafe

12 hours in any city isn’t enough, but I think with good planning it’s possible to see a lot of things. We didn’t plan a lot anyway, we just wanted to enjoy ourselves with a little touch of history, which we did and spending one day in Dublin was memorable.

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I’m sure when I return someday, I will explore and plan more. Here is a list of other things you can do during your visit to Ireland’s Capital:


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