January 2020 Highlights

January 2020 Highligts



Can you believe that it’s the end of January already? I can’t, I think I’m still processing it a little bit.

This first month of 2020 was definitely crazy for me. Not only due to it being my birthday but also because, as you can see, the blog got a new design! But, first things first.

I’ve decided that each month, I will be sharing a little bit about my life behind all of that ‘escaping’ and give you an insight into my daily life. So you can get to know me a bit more, how I manage it all and maybe help you to relate and see that you can do it too?

Let’s start with January 2020 Highlights, shall we?

Birthday celebration in Lanzarote

We kicked off 2020 with our first trip of the year to spend my birthday in Lanzarote. I made a promise to myself last year that I will never ever work on my birthday again and will enjoy myself. I have also decided that this year because it is the end of my 20’s I will do something new each month. Like a new activity, a new adventure, a new skill, dance class, etc.! This month, for example, I celebrated my birthday in a hotel, and it was fab! I received a birthday cake with two bottles of cava and strawberries delivered directly to our room! A perfect way to start my birthday, right?!

I was spoilt during the entire day and felt like a princess!
Turning 29 is definitely a January Highlight
The interior of Seaside Los Jameos in Lanzarote is great for all those gorgeous shots!
A birthday surprise from the amazing staff of Seaside Los Jameos!

New Blog Design

I am not going to lie, I love the new layout of the blog although it didn’t turn out the way I first imaged it, I think I can live with it, for now. I have to stop being such a perfectionist to have things done my way no matter what. I was getting up at 5am every morning before work and dedicated two hours in the morning and two hours (sometimes more) after work to design and to code the blog. Please don’t ask me how I did it. Definitely a January 2020 Highlight, ha?! 

End of probation and a brand new website at work

Not only was I working on my own blog and design. I was also redesigning the website at work and successfully finished my six-month probation! 

Finishing two websites is January 2020 Highlight


I’ve also designed a brand new, shiny newsletter for my email subscribers, so if you are not yet subscribed, what are you waiting for? It is filled with travel ideas, latest posts and I am sending it out only once a month, so no spammy emails in your mailbox! Sign up below: 

Listed in Top 100 Travel and Lifestyle Blogs

Considering I haven’t done many blog posts lately due to the new design, I was amazed when my blog made it in the Top 100 Travel and Lifestyle Blogs on FeedSpot! Check it out here: (I am somewhere around 70)


Gifted collab with a PR Agency

I received a portable charger to take on my trips which is also a hand warmer! I’m going to Amsterdam in February, so I cant wait to try it! I heard it will be super cold! Full review in progress!

Almost booked a trip to Norway

I almost booked myself a solo trip to Norway in March, but as I would have only the weekend to explore, I decided I will go for longer at a later date. Instead, I booked tickets to Marseille on my on in March as I love the South of France and can’t wait to explore it solo again! 

January 2020 Highlights - a solo trip to Marseilles!

Fined for dropping off on a bus stop £35

Not so much of a good January Highlight but hey, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows! We stopped at the bus stop in Derby near the train station, only for a few seconds when Carl dropped me off at my work do, and a month later we received a fine of £35! (Cost of a return ticket somewhere in Europe, banter!), so won’t be doing that again.

Comment below your January 2020 Highlights and the best answers will be shared on my Social Media! 🙂 



 Karina x

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