How to maintain a balanced work lifestyle (after the lockdown)

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So, our lives are slowly getting back to normal and things going back to the way they were before. With people going back to work, socialising, side-hustling, blogging, and gyms re-opening, while trying to contain the virus, we need to maintain a balanced work lifestyle more than ever before.

Did you know that having an unbalanced lifestyle and having things all over can become overwhelming and leads to stress, insomnia, nightmares, overeating, and burnouts to anxiety and depression, and what you once loved becomes a burden? Not only does it affect you but the people around you, your family, your friends, your work and your business.

Time is precious, but your health is more.

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I’ve been there. Not that long ago, actually.

I sat in front of a screen for over 15 hours a day, took very little breaks, and thought that I don’t have time for anything or anyone else and that I have to focus on my work (side hustle) and make it all work. I put myself under a lot of pressure. Meaning, I didn’t go out and for three weeks straight I had maybe 2000 steps a day counted on my Fitbit. And I’m the one who wrote about keeping fit during the lockdown, huh?

So here I’m, talking about maintaining a balanced work lifestyle (during and after the lockdown) and finding that healthy ratio between everything.

Set working hours

I know, I know, easier said than done and I’m guilty of this too. But this is important so you don’t lose that fine line between home life and work life. Working for a corporate company and then working on a side hustle and blog often means that you end up working more than those allocated 40 hours a week. You must set yourself working hours and try to keep work within the allocated time. Set timings for when you start, finish, eat lunch, and don’t go working until you pass out, leave it until morning!

Make sure you have a dedicated workspace

It doesn’t matter if you work from home, you need to have a dedicated workspace or at least have a little corner. You can swap your workspace for a favourite cafe, library or rent a co-working space. Don’t work in your bedroom or living room, unless that’s where your dedicated workspace is located, then keep the TV off to avoid any distractions.

Make sure you have a dedicated workspace which helps you with maintaining balanced work lifestyle

Turn PC and Mobile Phone off when you are not working

Stepping away from the PC or laptop doesn’t mean that you are switching off right away. What about your mobile phone? Do you keep checking your emails every five minutes? Then don’t do it. Turn your phone off and never take those emails to bed with you.

Dedicate one day a week to planning

Dedicate one day a week to planning. It is important for keeping balanced work lifestyle

Set aside one day a week where you will brainstorm your next moves, plan what you want to do over the next few days, fill in your content calendar and tick off everything you accomplished so far. Organise your emails and complete all of the paperwork piling up on your desk.


Schedule your Social Media

I wouldn’t be able to exist if I didn’t have my Social Media scheduled. With all the software available out there scheduling has never been easier! I strongly recommend investing in Social Pilot, you pay $30 (£24) a month for up to 25 Social Media Accounts, including Pinterest. Social Pilot comes with an extension for Google Chrome, so it takes two clicks to have Social Media scheduled.

Have ‘Me’ Time

Have a me time is important when maintaining a balanced work lifestyle. Picture of a cute dog with a sleeping mask

Set aside at least 30 minutes a day just for yourself; use those 30 minutes for reading a book, your favourite magazine, do some meditation, yoga, or go for a walk. Try not to take or touch your phone at all during those 30 minutes.

Prepare food in bulk or invest in a slow cooker

Preparing food in bulk and then putting everything in the freezer is a real lifesaver. You don’t have to Google what to make each day or worry about spending too much time in the kitchen during the week. I also recommend investing in a slow cooker if you didn’t already. Wake up 10 minutes earlier than usual, put all the ingredients in the slow cooker and have dinner ready for the time you finish your work.


Stop saying YES so much

You don’t have to say yes to everything and everyone. Say no and don’t feel guilty about it. Unfortunately, if you say yes to people before saying yes to yourself, you have limited yourself. You know, it’s okay to say no. Make sure you know how much you can handle and if you know that the next task you have been asked to do is way too complicated, or it means it would take to way too much of your time, don’t accept it.

Know when you are most productive

I’m a morning person, I don’t have a problem waking up at 4.30 in the morning, make myself a tea, turn the PC on and start working. I know that I’m the most productive in the morning, so that’s when I set all the important tasks. Find out when you are most productive. 

Get enough sleep

Men sleeping in front of PC because he didn't get enough sleep and is not maintaining a balanced work lifestyle

Sleep is important. Did you know that adults need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep for their brain and body to function properly? Stop scrolling on FB for half n hour before bedtime, it’s pointless and all those ads will be there tomorrow. Plus, the blue light messes up the quality of your sleep. When your alarm goes off, get up and don’t lay there scrolling on your phone. If you have time to do that then have more sleep or get more things done instead.

So, hand on heart, how many of you do maintain a balanced work lifestyle?

Are you working longer hours, going to bed later, or are you scrolling down Facebook for a good half n hour before you go to sleep?


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