Paradiso Bar Barcelona


Are you a cocktail lover? ?

Then I have an excellent recommendation for you. While we were in Barcelona, we visited the Paradiso Bar Barcelona which is known for being one of  The World’s 50 Best Bars in the world and is a truly unique place for all you cocktail lovers who want to try something totally out of this world and served with maximum quality!!

We didn’t plan to go there. We didn’t even know something like The World’s 50 Best Bars in the world exists until we read about it on Google. The funny thing was that the bar was right across the street from our Hotel Ciutadella, literally 2 min walk, so we were sold!

This place is hidden behind a door in a tiny bar – don’t get fooled and step in! Paradiso Bar Barcelona is like from a different universe – vibrant, colourful and sassy!

A special drink made just to myself!
A Mediterranean treasure
A troy horse

We are giving Paradiso Bar Barcelona five stars – for the choice of drinks, cleanness, staff and friendliness and top nosh service! We will be back soon!

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