‘The Grand Canyon is more beautiful, breath-taking and phenomenal than I ever imagined of!’

The Grand Canyon and Arizona weren’t always on my bucket list, but because we wanted to see as much as possible in our two-week trip to America, I squeezed them in. And oh boy, I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did because this road trip was far the best part of my travel memories ever!


What to bring:

  • Once you park your car, you will be out for a few good hours, soaking up the views, taking pictures and enjoying the breathtaking scenery. I recommend taking a backpack with a reusable water bottle as there are water stations for you to refill it. Maybe some snacks too, a good camera for sure and a windproof jacket, it gets very cold in the evening!



Entrance fees for Grand Canyon National Park are only $35 per vehicle.

Grand Canyon is actually separated into a few Rims and National Parks. You can go to see either the West, North, Or Hualapai Reservation which when arriving from the East is much closer than the Southern Rim. South Rim is considered to be one of the most beautiful parts and well-known from all those gorgeous posters and adverts you see on Social Channels and TV screens.

I don’t see a reason why you should pay to walk on a glass bridge and see the bottom of the Grand Canyon when you can hike through the bottom of Grand Canyon for free (though it is a big hike, so be prepared) and enjoy the views for as long as the sun is beaming. It takes some planning, but everyone nowadays has GPS in their phone or you can purchase it when you are hiring a car for a small charge, which is what we did.


Road trip from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon
One of the best life experiences

After you pay for entrance it is a bit of a drive to the parking spaces, because of all the wild protected animals (including the mountain lion) the speed limit is set at 25mph. There are workers and signposts everywhere to help direct you towards parking and all the other attractions and zones within the park.

Fact: Regular free shuttle services all over the routes make it easy to get around the Grand Canyon and View Points.

I don’t even know how to describe the Grand Canyon. It was just all so unreal, how could something like this be created, the scale, the time it took? We, humans, like to be in a charge until Mother Nature comes along and reminds us just how great and powerful she really is and how small we really are. She created this, and without even trying.

Together we travel the world - at the top of the Grand Canyon
Together we travel the world

How old is the Earth? A few billion years and still ageing? And how long does the average human live? 80 years? I hope you get my point now. There is nothing we can do to change this. This is a privilege for every single one of us to admire; breathe in Arizona’s air, feel that freedom, see something that humans cannot defeat nor fully discover. You can get lost there and no one will ever find you…

Bottom of the Grand Canyon - Road trip from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sunset - Road trip from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon

The whole experience of the Grand Canyon left a mark on me, it planted a seed that I wish to return one day, not only to Arizona but Grand Canyon itself and raft down the Colorado river cutting the Grand Canyon in half…


Fact: Grand Canyon is about 280 miles long, 18 miles wide and about a mile deep. 

Hermits Rest can't be missed at the Grand Canyon - Road trip from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon
On top of the Hermits Rest – Grand Canyon

Where to eat in Grand Canyon – Yavapai Lodge Restaurant

Yavapai Lodge Restaurant is the place to go to eat after spending an entire day driving and walking around the Grand Canyon. The prices are fair, we paid $15 each for a buffet deal consisted mainly of pasta, pizzas and salads with one drink of choice.
Yavapai Lodge Restaurant is located inside of the Market Plaza where you can also buy souvenirs and other merch items.

Road trip from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon - Sunset in Grand Canyon
Sunset over the Grand Canyon

Amazing views over the Grand Canyon


Road trip from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon - Sunset at the Grand Canyon

Check out this Virtual Tour of the South Rim Grand Canyon:

Road trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon – is it really worth it?

When the sky put on her black coat laced with glittery stars we knew it was time to head back to Las Vegas, taking Highway 93 instead of Route 66. Which wasn’t scenic at all, it was stupidly long and boring. There was no gas station, no restroom stops, nothing around to look for. It was a just straight black road edged with tiny lights competing with the millions of stars above our heads which would take several lifetimes to count.

Keeping ourselves awake by singing badly (mainly me) and eating way too many sweets we finally arrived back at our hotel in Las Vegas around 1 am, beyond exhaustion but still so excited, full of all the great memories we had just created in that timescale. Hand on heart, I can say it was easily the best 20 hours of my life – fulfilled to the max and relishing every one of the seventy-two-thousand seconds it took.

If the drive is too long, you can also book a hotel or B&B near the Grand Canyon, just check the map below and pick what suits you the most:



Do it. Don’t even think about it twice. Rent a car, grab some supplies, jump in and go! I am telling you that there is no greater experience than doing a road trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

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Karina x


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