Spa Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice – Luxury, wine and wellness

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Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone.

Not even two weeks have passed since I came back from my holidays back home in Slovakia with Carl where we were spending some quality time with my loved ones. It was the first time in four years since moving to England that I finally had time off over Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Because it was also our 3-years-anniversary we decided to escape from it all and spend some much needed alone time together.

Spending time and celebrating in my homeland meant that I had to do the all research and decision making, where we will be staying overnight, what will be included in the hotel rate and so on. We wanted to get a little bit spoilt: have some drinks, nice room, fancy dinner, spa and wellness entrance too.

My little country located in central Europe is well known for its plentiful supply of mineral geothermal waters (over 1300 mineral sources) with thermal SPAs built on and around them. If you are looking for a great relaxing break with healthy geothermal waters and don’t want (or can’t afford) to go to the Icelandic Blue Lagoon – there are plenty of similar waters in Slovakia which aren’t as expensive.

If you travel to Slovakia – you have to prepare for two things:

  1. Not everyone speaks English
  2. Public transport can be a bit of a problem

We decided on the SPA Aphrodite in Rajecke Teplice (placed in the north of Slovak Republic) which has been marked on the map as a Thermal spa since the 14th century! The hotel and area are so beautiful, it looked like something straight from a fairy-tale and coupled with our amazing Royal Apartment I felt like a princess! The room we booked was in its own building with an easy access to the Sauna world and both outdoor and indoor swimming pools.

Renaissance entrance at the Spa Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice
Spa Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice

If you are really looking for a truly romantic getaway and want to feel like a princess (or prince) and be treated like one – Then SPA Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice is the place.

Royal Apartment at the Spa Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice
Royal Apartment did make me feel like a princess!

As you can see from our pictures – apartment looks like cut off from a painted frame of a castle which was owned by a rich royal family. As soon as you enter you notice the green marble floor throughout the whole apartment along with the walls and furniture which are in a great harmony of warm tones making you feel not only cosy but also luxurious and are finished off with gold ornaments around the ceiling making the whole room look even richer.

Dressed for the dinner at the Spa Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice

The Royal Apartment at the Spa Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice

has its own living room, bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and a huge bathroom with an even bigger bathtub! And the icing – as it needed any more – was the huge electric fireplace framed by a massive marble mantelpiece.
There was everything: we had a mini bar (which in my opinion was a little bit pricey considering the value of alcohol in Slovakia but still cheaper than the UK so it breaks it even); bathrobes and slippers delivered directly to our room; a big TV screen with plenty of international music channels; big tub fitting two adults with plenty of bath bubbles; easy access to all the outdoor and indoor swimming pools including Sauna world. We went half board which included a breakfast and dinner buffet with a rich choice of food in an amazing restaurant.

This place is even more magical when the daylight swaps its shift with twilight and the entire place lights up in a gorgeous dance of pink, purple and blue light show in this antique kingdom and the evening shows begin.


Outdoor area with pools and the lighting looking glamorous
Outdoor area with pools and the lighting looking glamorous

SPA Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice can be enjoyed all year around. It is as beautiful during the summer as in winter, surrounded by Mala Fatra mountains.

If you are little adventurous like we are – You can go hiking, exploring the local areas and not to far away are the ski slopes or you could just enjoy roaming between the poolside bar and different hot mineral water pools of 38°C whilst the icy winds try to turn you into a giant icicle which is great fun! – but that’s what life is about isn’t it, Having fun!)

Indoor swimming pools full of magic
The place is just full of magic (and warm water in the winter months)

Honestly, if you are looking for a different experience either on your own, with other half or friends and family then I fully recommend this place. Maybe it is a little bit pricey (there are local pubs and shops just around the corner which are much cheaper), but it is truly worth the experience and relaxation you get. Tickets to Slovakia are cheap from most airports in England and renting a car is also very easy.

Doesn't it look glamorous?
Doesn’t it look magical?

There is plenty to see, plenty to do, plenty to eat, drink and plenty to try. We do get a lovely hot summer and a much colder winter (snow and icicles like in Frozen from Pixar) in my homeland so plan accordingly.

SPA Aphrodite Rajecke Teplice is a great choice, their website can be translated into English if you wish to have a peek, offering much more than I have described, including massages (which we were probably too drunk to ask for anyway!) and if you lucky enough you might spot some famous Slovakian people as this place is very famous and used a lot in both movies and music clips!


Karina x

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