How to stay fit during the lockdown

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Nobody was prepared for the current situation. We never imagined we would yearn to go to the cinema, park, seaside, cafe, or a National Trust Site. Social distancing is the new trend and handshakes are forbidden. It is a new era and we need to adapt. I, personally, have lost count of the days, but one thing I am focusing more than before is to stay fit during this lockdown. Having an abundance of energy, I have always struggled to sit still, so being unable to travel, or move around freely felt like a punishment at first. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way, right?

With this said, today I want to take an opportunity to inspire you to get up from that sofa and start moving. Did you know that adults aged 18 to 65 should keep active for at least two-three hours per week? Now, hand on heart…how many active minutes have you done this week?
Exercising, or at least keeping active, improves the immune system (talking from personal experience), mental health and makes you feel so much better about yourself too! Achy, but better, I promise.

Being stuck at home for most of the time should not just consist of movements from the sofa, to the kitchen and back. With technology, staying fit during the lockdown could not be easier!
I will be also sharing all the equipment I use and rely on – most of these links will be Amazon Affiliate, which means if you do buy some of the products, I will earn a small commission. It will not cost you anything extra, but it helps me to run this blog!

So, are you ready to stay fit during the lockdown? Let’s start!

Yoga as equilibrium

Yoga as equilibrium

Yoga is great. One of my favourite exercises and equilibrium. Yoga teaches you to slow down, which is much needed in this fast-moving world, especially at the moment being full of negative news. I love doing yoga in the garden, or by the beach, during sunset or sunrise and listening to nature. Even if you aren’t flexible, give yoga a go. It improves your flexibility, strengthens muscles and helps your posture too. It is also beneficial for joints, bones and mind. There are so many types of yoga you can choose from; such as for better sleep, for back pain, for improved flexibility, couples yoga… so many! A few of my favourite routines and yoga accounts to follow are:



Try online Konga Classes

Wild, happy and intense workout – a mix of everything – from dancing to boxing, salsa, ballet, and pilates which not only guarantees to burn plenty of calories, drowning you in sweat but gives you that extra boost of endorphins you need and definitely kills the boredom! I love Konga Classes and strongly recommend all of the online classes from The Jungle Body! Check it out on their website and hands up if you are ready to burn those calories!

stay fit during the lockdown - try elastic bands

Elastic Bands

A cheap and easy solution to workout towards leaner muscles. Elastic bands make your muscles work harder as they work against their own resistance. They are also great together with weights for an extra dynamic workout. They fit into any bag or purse, so if you don’t have a garden, you can try exercising in the nearest park or forest! Keep your social distance from other people though.

Weight are great body fat burner

What about weights?

If you want to bulk up and lose fat, then weights are your new best friend. When you lift weights, you lose more fat and obtain the muscles you always wanted. Weights are my favourite. My workout isn’t intensive but is very efficient. You might put a few kgs on while doing weights, but only because muscle weighs more than fat, yet it looks sexier! Plus, squatting with weights is great for getting that amazing peach shaped butt!

Workout Sheets to help stay fit during the lockdown


    Get fit ball and start exercising during the lockdown

    Fit Ball/Swiss Ball Exercises

    Exercising with a fit ball (or swiss ball, depending on where you live) is fun and a great workout. I haven’t discovered all the perks yet as I am still learning, but from what I tried, some of the exercises are pretty difficult! Exercising with a fit ball improves your balance, builds up your core muscles and helps with lower back pains. It is also recommended for pregnant women who suffer from back pain.
    Fit ball, matt and a massage roller for after working out – all from Amazon:



    Outdoor Cycling

    I recently bought myself a new bike and it was one of the best investments I made in a long time. Like most people in the UK, I was not prepared to be furloughed and to have so much time on my hands. We are still allowed to go out and exercise once per day, either alone or with people in our household, so make the most out of it. England is made for cycling with plenty of cycling paths around, more so now with this gorgeous weather, we been having. Cycling is a wonderful way to stay fit during the lockdown, getting your heart pumping and in an hour, you can easily sweat off that burger you had last night. Plus, it is an investment for a long time. Always make sure you keep two metres apart when passing other cyclist and walkers. Some companies have the Cycle2Work scheme which helps you save at least 32% on your new bike, make sure to check it out.

    Woman skating in the park

    Inline Skating (Roller Skating)

    My favourite summer exercise ever. It can be difficult to learn, but once you nail it, there is no better feeling, I promise you! Plus, learning how to skate together can be good fun for the entire family! If you never tried it, I do recommend getting protective pads and helmet, because the fall can be pretty painful. I’m not trying to scare you off!
    My skates are a few years old now so I couldn’t find them online, but I am sure you could find the perfect fit on Amazon. Make sure you read the reviews before purchasing. I personally prefer inline skates, they offer more ankle support, speed, and manoeuvrability. Roller skates are designed for more acrobatic skating than fitness.


    Skipping rope is another great exercise during the lockdown

    Skipping rope

    Skipping is a very easy, yet very effective way to stay fit during the lockdown. This little sport equipment is sold for next to nothing and yet in ten minutes, you can burn around 100 calories! Skip four times a day for 10 minutes, that’s 400 calories! Boom!

    House Cleaning helps you to stay fit during the lockdown

    Did you know that house cleaning is considered a workout and in an hour you can burn more calories than jogging? Get that heart pumping, clean the windows, hoover the entire house even if you don’t have carpets and mop the floors. But the absolute best calories burner is gardening. Have you tried to get rid of all the weeds in the garden or a whole tree? 800 calories in less than two hours. I am not kidding you…


    Walking during the lockdown


    Walking is still allowed in the UK but keep your social distance. I am lucky that I live away from the city centre, near nature, so it is easy to get my daily dose of Vitamin D. I am sure when you look up on Google Maps you will find plenty of green spots near you to escape. Exercising, even walking is good for mental health and maintains that healthy balance. A brisk walk, at least three miles per hour is equivalent to a light aerobic workout and engages all the large muscles of your body.

    Workout Sheets to help stay fit during the lockdown



      You won’t see me running unless I am chasing a delivery van. I’m not going to lie, I hate running. I find it boring even with headphones. I am not trying to discourage you, but I am honest. It is not for everyone, but running is a great calorie burner and it comes with other health benefits too such as building stronger muscles, burning glucose and fat faster, especially if you run before the breakfast, and aids in getting a good night sleep. Again, keep your distance.


      If you live in a very populated area that is almost impossible to go out for a walk, run or any other outdoor exercise, but in a house, or apartment blocks, I suggest taking the stairs. Stairs are the next level of cardio. It allows you to burn more calories than running and gives your heart and lungs that cardiovascular workout they need. Stairs also engage more muscles and lead you towards  that slender body shape.


      High-Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT

      If you don’t like running or don’t have stairs, or you would rather stay home and safe but still want to burn plenty of calories, I do recommend HIIT. HIIT and I aren’t good friends, but this high-intensity interval training burns calories in an accelerate rate even after you finish the workout. With the super high intensity, 20 minutes of HIIT can cost you over 200 calories.

      Hula Hooping is great fun and exercise during the lockdown

      Hula Hooping

      Looking for a more fun workout? Why don’t you try hula hooping? It’s an aerobic workout which helps you towards that skinnier waist but it is also cheerful family fun for all ages! Everyone can participate in an evening hula hooping! On average, 30 minutes of hula hooping can burn around 200 calories and I am sure that laughing burns calories too while practising them belly twirls!

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      Fitbit app exampleFitbit app example how to stay fit during the lockdownGet your Fitbit Versa Activity Tracker

      I can’t recommend my Fitbit Versa tracker enough. I bought it last year when I was getting ready for the sunrise trek in Bali to not only improve my cardio but also keep track of my sleep and heart rate. Fitbit measures your daily steps, heart rate, burnt calories and also tracks the quality of your sleep. It comes with a free app, where you can set goals such as maintaining or losing weight. There are free groups you can join via the app for healthier recipes, workouts or meditation ideas! I never take my Fitbit off, only when I have to charge it…that’s why I ended up with a stupid looking tan mark on my hand!


      I am not a fitness guru or PT, I just like to keep moving, getting my daily steps and a doze of that well-known endorphins. As for any workout, please make sure you know the right technique so you don’t injure yourself. I always look on YouTube for ideas.

      Did I motivate you to turn off Netflix, get up from that sofa and start moving? Subscribe below and get your Stay fit during the lockdown Printable Sheets!


      Workout Sheets to help stay fit during the lockdown




        Karina x

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        19 thoughts on “How to stay fit during the lockdown

        1. Wow – there is so much information on here and things to try! Thanks for sharing this informative article. Stay safe.

        2. Great post. I love Yoga, I do it every day. But my main exercise comes from HIIT workouts. I’m currently doing Holly Dolke’s Pink Dragon programme and it kicks my arse but I’ve been working out loads more since lockdown started! xxx

          1. Thank you Jenny for stopping by! 🙂 Yes, yoga is great especially for those tight muscles in the morning or after workout 🙂 I never heard of Holly Dolke, have to look her up and those workouts. I also feel like people exercise more during the lockdown, don’t you agree? Can’t wait to be back in the gym xx Thank you again, for commenting 🙂

          1. Yes, yoga is great! 🙂 The rest depends on your cardio score, and how bad you want to work out, I would say the resistance bands are great, I love using them, nice and easy but definitely feeling it the next day! 😀 Take care x

        3. This is awesome, just signed up for the fitness sheet. I am doing a lot of yoga and I’ve just ordered some resistance bands as all my gym stuff is at home and I’m at uni ??‍♀️ (I’d usually use the uni gym but obviously that’s shut)

          1. Hi Jade and thank you very much for stopping by, glad you got them 🙂 Resistance bands are great, they seem easy but definitely feeling it the next day haha! I miss going to the gym too, hopefully soon everything returns back to normal x Stay safe, girl! x

        4. A great read, and probably the kick in the pants that I need to get back to doing some exercise – always loved yoga and yogalaties.

        5. All the new things to try, I’m currently in my second week of exercising and I’m always looking for something new to try each day!

          1. I’m so glad that I could inspire you too! Have a look on YouTube Channel called Popsugar fitness, they have some great classes, I followed them all this week and today I am shattered, hahaha! I must include them in my article as I discovered them only this week! 🙂

        6. Ah, I am a big fan of yoga! This is such a great article! Do you have any recommendations for a HIIT workout?? Thank you so much. I’m so happy I came across your website!

        7. Great tips! I laughed at the running after a delivery van comment. I was like that too when I was younger, but really embraced running the past few years. Anyway there is always something for everyone and as long as you find something you enjoy to stay active that’s all that matters.

          1. Hi Michelle, I am glad that I make you laugh with my article!!! 🙂 Yes, couldn’t agree more with you, if you find something that makes you happy, then stick to it, same with the exercising 🙂 I’ve tried running a few times, but I get stitches, and my feet hurt and my back hurt (see, excuses not to do it hahaha) so I gave up but inline skating is my faaaaaaav! Thank you very much for stopping by and take care and stay safe x

        8. Great list. I’ve been running, walking and bodyweight exercises. I’ve also been more attentive to eating healthy foods to boost my immune system. Some of your other ideas sound fun. I might have to dust off my skipping rope and in-line skates. Haven’t used them in a while. I run every day… it’s been my go-to form of fitness.

        9. I try to yoga and or go for a walk everyday, it’s definitely great for exercising and for your mental health! Great post!

          1. That’s is so good to read, glad you keeping active during these difficult times 🙂 Thank you very much for stopping by! 🙂 Stay safe x

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