The Most Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time of the year to talk about the most Haunted Castles and creepy places around the world. From lost souls wandering around in abandoned castle ruins and possessed cemeteries, stories about the first vampire bathing in blood to an island of possessed dolls…

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Château de Brissac and the ghost of the Green Lady, France

Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world - Painted Image of the Green Lady

Château de Brissac is a castle built during the 11th century with a long and fascinating history. There is a story going on about this castle and its possessed ghost, ‘la Dame Verte’ or ‘Green Lady’ who was murdered by her husband back in the 15th century. Guests are frightened by her, whilst the dukes of château have grown fond of her. They claim that the Green Lady likes to haunt in the tower room of the chapel where she was found in her green dress, hence the name ‘Green Lady.’ She was killed by her husband for cheating, and her face has holes where the nose and eyes should be – as a symbol of the way she was murdered.

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A legend of the Red Lady in Leap Castle, Ireland

Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world - A painting of the Red Lady who is haunting Leap Castle in Ireland
(Source: https://www.irelandbeforeyoudie.come/)

Ireland is home to many beautiful castles and ruins which are often connected to romance, legends and stories to tell. Leap Castle in Ireland has more than one, but probably the most known and haunting is the legend of the Red Lady: a woman floating around the walls and ruins of the castle dressed in a red cloak, carrying a sharp blade. Legend has it that she was a woman once imprisoned in Leap Castle by the O’Carrolls and repeatedly raped. The lady became pregnant, and as soon the baby was born, the owners of the castle killed it within seconds. She killed herself shortly afterwards.


Ancient Ram Inn – The most haunted hotel in England

Ancient Ram Inn - The most haunted hotel in England
Ancient Ram Inn - The most haunted hotel in England
Ancient Ram Inn - The most haunted hotel in England

This old Ram Inn, located in Wotton-under-Edge, is home to 20 different ghosts. What is its story then? The Ram Inn itself has an interesting history; built-in 1145 on the grounds of a multi-millennia Pagan burial which traces directly back to the mysterious site of Stonehenge. Because of this connection, it rises to all the paranormal activity documented on premises of this building. If you have the balls, you can stay in this Inn overnight for about £69 as a part of Ghost Hunter tour. Over the years the Inn has been investigated by many international ghost hunters. Most of them spotted paranormal activity in the Inn, from dark shadows, wandering spirits, hanging bodies from the ceiling to ghostly figure of a cavalier. If this is something you would love to experience and to see if there is any truth to this, be my guest… Oh, actually, be the Ancient Ram Inn guest!


Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

Built into a limestone cliff, the Predjama Castle in Slovenia takes your breath away with its uniqueness and raising the question of how it could’ve been constructed back in the 13th century? It was owned by the knight Erazem who was once trapped inside by his enemies; planning to starve him to death since it had only one entrance. However, the enemies didn’t know it was connected with caves underneath, so Erazem was able to fetch food and water without his enemies knowing. He was finally betrayed by his servant, and when the knight went to the toilet in the upper level of the castle, a cannonball aimed at the exact spot killed him. The knight was buried in the village next to the St. Mary of Sorrows Church. There is an old lime tree next to his grave planted by his girlfriend as a symbol of eternal life. But did he really die…? The castle has to be emptied, even by its employees before the sun goes down…


Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

An image of the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

Quite frankly an odd place covered by 100,000s crucifixes to bring hope to all Lithuanians. Condé Nast Traveler included Hill of Crosses to the 20 scariest places in the world. The truth behind this s(c)acred place isn’t really known, yet every year it brings hundreds and hundreds of visitors who are allowed to place their crosses at any time. But to take one is forbidden.



The Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan

The Gates of Hell, Turkmenistan - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

In the middle of the Turkmenistan desert, under the hot sun is a 230 feet wide hole, which has been burning for 50 years. It is impossible to put the fire out, and that’s why the name The Gates of Hell. Some people believe that it is Satan who caused this. But the real story is that The Gates of Hell crater was created in 1971 by accident when a Soviet drilling rig punched into an immense underground natural gas cavern. It caused the ground to collapses, and the entire drilling rig fell inside. Poisonous gas started to leak at an alarming rate. It was set on fire intentionally, stopping it spreading otherwise it would have caused a terrible environmental catastrophe.


Čachtice Castle and the story of Báthory

Čachtice Castle and the story of Báthory - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

In the northwestern parts of my home country, Slovakia, you can find ruins of this castle that was defeated forever back in the 18th century. But I bet you wouldn’t guess its terrible history and that it is linked to one of the first vampire stories either, right? Čachtice Castle was home to Elizabeth Báthory, who believed that bathing in the blood of young women will keep her skin youthful and give her immortality. Hundreds of young women, especially virgins, died behind the gates of Čachtice Castle. Elizabeth Báthory is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific female murder ever, and the ruins Čachtice Castle are visited by ghost hunters from around the world. For sure this story deserved to be in this selection of Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world.


Most haunted island in the world – Poveglia

Most haunted island in the world - Poveglia - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world


This small island located only half a mile from Venice is believed to be the most haunted island in the world by its distorted history. First of all, Poveglia was used as a plague quarantine station. It’s believed that over 160,000 souls died from this disease here, which means that half of the soil of the island consists of human remains. On top of that, back in 1922, there was a mental hospital opened on Poveglia, with myths of doctors and nurses torturing patients and butchering them to their deaths. The hospital closed in 1968. Yeah, good luck visiting.


Ghosts of Paris – Paris Catacombs, France

Ghosts of Paris - Paris Catacombs - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

What comes to your mind when someone says Paris? Eiffel Tower, Champ Elysses, fresh croissants and romance? Well, I’m pretty sure that your imagination changes when I tell you that underneath the streets of this romantic french city are catacombs, housing the bones of over 6 million people. There are lots of stories and legends to be told, tempting more and more tourists each year to discover this darker side of Paris.



Eastern State Penitentiary, USA

Eastern State Penitentiary, USA - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

The terror behind the walls. This is how some people refer to this 150-year old prison located in a state of Philadelphia, USA. With high stone walls, crumbling corridors, dark cells and history of being home to thousands of mass-murderers, it certainly does look like is haunted. Some of the cellblocks are known for echoing voices, shadowy figures passing by, faces without bodies, even footsteps slowly approaching in the distance… One of the witnesses, Gary Johnson, back in the 1990s, said that while he was doing maintenance in some of the cells, some strange force gripped him so tight he couldn’t move. He said he felt peculiar, with very negative energy coming out of the room and upon looking up, he could see faces on the cell walls, without bodies… Not sure if I ever want to find out if this is true. Creepy. (I’m kind of glad that I chose to write this article in daylight).


Island of Dead Dolls, Mexico

A creepy image of a doll on the Island of Dead Dolls, Mexico - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

Talking about creepy s**t, what the hells is going on with this island full of ‘dead’ dolls? Even from pictures during the daylight, it looks terrifying and super strange. Some of them are missing limbs, heads, or even eyes. The story though goes beyond creepiness. A local legend says that a man found a young girl drowning in the waters, but couldn’t help her. Apparently, the dolls are passed with her spirit, and people swear they can hear the dolls whispering to each other. Some of the local fishermen insist that while passing the island are lured to come down to it. Hm, maybe this is where the idea of Toy Story came from?


Stories about Japan’s Suicide Forest

A black and white Image of the trees without leaves - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world


If you still don’t have enough of my selection of Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world, keep on reading, there is more to it. Aokigahara is one of the most popular suicide destinations in the world. Located northwest of the Mount Fuji, here liest 13.5 square miles of a forest full of a terrible history and spooky legends. Some of the statistics claim that over 100 people a year take their life in Aokigahara. Because the forest is so thick and large, for corpses to be discovered, it takes years. People believe that the forest is haunted by ghosts – or yurei – abandoned souls. Stories have it that the forest lures all those sad and lost souls…



Haunting Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine

Haunting Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

Haunting Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

From all the creepy places I’ve mentioned, I think the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is the most awful and scariest. Mainly because it happened (still happening), it’s based on real events, and it affected so many unfortunate people. Plus, when you search the internet on what actually happened, it definitely gives you heebie-jeebies. Human error and lack of safety protocols had devastation effects. Chernobyl is often called a ghost town, there is no sound of children, only the occasional breeze and birds tweeting on the cracking tree branches. The Chernobyl accident happened in 1986 when an explosion released a radioactive reaction. More than 30 years after the accident and scientist recommend that the place won’t be possible to inhabit for another 20,000 years due to the active radiation.


Salem witch trials, USA

Salem witch trials, USA - Haunted Castles and Creepy Places around the world

Salem doesn’t look creepy at all on the pictures, quite the opposite. But because of its famous stories about witches, I couldn’t exclude it from the article. I’m pretty sure that you heard of stories about ‘witches’ being executed in this town. 200 people were accused of practising witchcraft, mainly women, and 20 of them were actually sentenced to death by hanging. These days it is still full of ghost stories and considered being one of the most haunted places in the world, but it is also known for many Ghost Walk Tours or Witch-Hunting Tours.



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