Travel plans for 2019

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Can you believe 2019 is already here? Me neither! I think I am still having 2018 blues and the past two-three months I haven’t stopped for a second. So, this weekend, the very first one in 2019 I set myself goals that I will stop rushing around, be more creative and productive towards my blog, videos, followers and generally in life too!

I thought the very first article this year will be our itinerary from New York, where we went in December, but I got a different idea. Instead of long travel blogs, I will also be writing short blogs about what has been happening ‘behind the scenes’, what we have planned, where we are going and what we are doing right now (this year is going to be fun and bigger projects are coming, I promise!).

We don’t have much planned yet this year due to focusing on our best trip to date – Bali for three weeks this June, which will be our longest time travelling together.

Empire State Building – New York, trip in December 2018

2018 was crazy, we began in Portugal, then on to Turkey, the Dominican Republic, Scotland, France and finally the USA. I also went to Slovakia a few times and even travelled from Bratislava to Venice by coach taking over 9 hours. Crazy year!

Good morning from Venice at 6am, September 2018


First on the list is Slovakia. I haven’t been since September, and I am really missing my family also it is my birthday month. I have decided to never work on my birthday ever again (working on your birthday sucks, I did it every year). Apparently, the whole country is hidden under a white snowy blanket, so I am really hoping to do some winter activities like ice skating and sledging!

Capital City of Slovakia, Bratislava (


Carl has never been to Barcelona, I already visited this beautiful Spanish city a few years ago as a part of a girlie trip and totally fell in love with this place. Not only the gorgeous Spanish sun and temper language but also sangria (sometimes for breakfast) and tapas stole my heart and since I left, I wished to come back. We are going only for the weekend, but that will be enough time to stroll by the gorgeous Barceloneta Beach, dip toes into the cold sea and yes, have sangria for breakfast!

Kuala Lumpur – Mandarin Hotel

We will be flying to Kuala Lumpur from London on our way to Bali, but we will do a two-day stopover in this gorgeous hotel we already booked and just enjoy ourselves and get spoiled! Of course, we will try some local markets and food, but with the view at the Petronas Twin Towers right from our room, we will just enjoy the moments before three weeks in Bali!

Kuala Lumpur (


Since we got into Instagram and started connecting with people and dreaming about other places, Bali became our number one destination to visit so far. We absolutely love the vibes we get from all the pictures showing the variety of food, the green rice terraces and the fact we will be able to connect with other digital nomads! I know, this sounds like total cliché – everybody goes to Bali – but we just fell in love with this place instantly! Plus, with our new view on helping the environment and Carl doing his scuba-diving and photography training, it will be a great place to both help and learn at the same time.

Bali – picture from MiskaJakub_travelers (Instagram)


These are our maybe holidays, as we have way too much planned after we come back – moving to a new house and working on other projects, but if we find some great deals, we want to explore as much as we can, even for just the weekend!

Prague (

I hope you enjoyed my short story about what is planned and where we are going, and I am really curious about your travel destinations in 2019, so please leave a comment, send a message and lets chat!

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