How to travel with friends and not to kill each other

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Travelling with friends is an amazing experience, and the memories last a lifetime. Well, only if it is done right and you all remain friends afterwards. I have travelled with my friends a few times and every time I did, I learnt something new about myself, and about my friends. Group holidays can be fun, but only if you all agree on certain things. So, here are my tips on How to travel with friends without killing each other and have an epic time!

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Do research before you travel with friends

‘Research, huh? I know my friends, so why would I need to research?’ There are a few questions you should ask each other before you make any future commitments because everyone’s expectations can be very different.

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Do your friends travel a lot, or is this going to be their first trip abroad?

Do you enjoy being with your friends pretty much 24/7? 

What kind of person is everyone? Early birds or night owls? If you want to leave the hotel at 7am to explore the city, a night owl might struggle with that big time.

What are your expectations from the trip? Do you want to just get drunk and have fun? Or do you want to hike, walk around all day and see as much as possible?

What about if someone is a pure meat-eater and wants to eat in a steakhouse while vegans prefer green cafés?

Can you all be spontaneous or do you prefer to stick to a prepared travel plan?

See, there are a few things you really have to consider before committing to travel with your friends and wanting to stay friends after the trip.

Printable Travel Planner for you to plan your trip accordingly after the lockdown

Travel with friends: Agree on the type of trip

Talk to your friends and decide on what kind of trip everyone wants to do. Hikers probably won’t sit still by the beach and drink cocktails, and vice versa. Make sure everyone is involved, share all your ideas and expectations. Agree on where you want to go, what you want to do and how long you want to go for.

Budgeting: How much everyone plans to spend

budgeting your trip with your friends is very important when you travel together

Certain people love luxury and wouldn’t stay anywhere less than a 4* hotel with complimentary breakfast and their own private bathroom. Others want to save every penny, or their budget is much tighter, who prefer hostels or AirBnBs and don’t mind sharing a bathroom. Agreeing on a budget must be mutual, not only when it comes to accommodation but also with dining-out, activities and transport.

Budgeting with activities is easy, no one said that you have to be together 24/7 and separating into groups with different activities planned can work miracles if no one is willing to compromise. In this way, everyone can be happy and do what they want.

Booking and financial commitment

Once you all come to a decision about the trip, it is time to make commitments. Everyone involved needs to be on board and consider the fact that once the flights are booked, they are 99% of the time nonrefundable. When it comes to booking accommodations, I love using It lets you pick a hotel or apartment without any cancellation fees and you can re-book as many times as you wish before the trip. With AirBnBs cancellations can be free but you are normally charged a service fee. Book your perfect trip using my referral link and get £34 off your first booking./!

Travel with friends: Separate from each other

The best way of travelling with friends and having a great time is to take a break from each other. Too much of anything is bad, right? So, if you all agreed before on different activities, stick to it. Don’t force anyone to do what they don’t want to. If you all want to leave the hotel at different times, that’s okay too. But maybe you could agree to meet in the nearby restaurant or back in the apartment and cook dinner together and share the highlights of the day with each other?

Communication is key

Travel with friends is an amazing experience. Happy friends on the beach during the sunset

Communication is the key to success. And if you want to have a successful trip with your friends and make everlasting memories, talk to each other. If something is bugging you during the trip, talk to each other. Share your opinions and feelings. If you don’t like the room you were given, I am sure someone will swap it with you. If you are running out of money, share it with friends. I am sure everyone will gladly chip in for breakfast or drinks, so you don’t have to worry about it. Remember, you are all in it together. Talk to each other.

Travel with friends: Compromises, compromises and again, compromises

Travelling with friends is all about compromises. Without compromising you might end up killing each other, no matter how much you love your friends. You all have to make sacrifices and agree on certain things. When you travel with friends, you need to rely on certain flexibility and understand that you probably won’t get to see everything you would on a solo trip. Compromises have to be made by everyone in your group, so don’t be that ass who wants to do everything and doesn’t care about anyone else.

Me and my friend Kat in Hollywood, Walk of FameTravel with friends: Have fun

Last, but most importantly, HAVE FUN! No matter how many times you get lost walking, or if some of the tours get cancelled for whatever reason, have fun! Every moment is precious, each second counts and it doesn’t matter if you are stuck indoors playing cards and drinking, have fun. Laugh together and create those memories with your friends that you will want to cherish forever.

Until next time,


Karina x

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4 thoughts on “How to travel with friends and not to kill each other

  1. Such a great and useful post! 😀 I have traveled many times with my friends and every time were different. I have understood that there are friends with whom traveling together is a disaster… or our characters aren’t matching or what, I dot know. But it’s just not possible!
    And there are those other friends with whom you would be happy to travel the whole world! Of course, following all your suggestions!!! You wrote here the point!

    1. Aw, thank you Sandra for stopping by and glad that you agree with me! 😀 I know, it is not always possible haha! Yes, stick to the plan and it should work out even with the most stubborn people! 😀

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