Weekend break in Mablethorpe and beach cleaning

Hour n half later and two large rubbish bags full of litter.

A few months ago I never imagined that I would be participating in beach cleaning event. Thanks to Carl and his scuba-diving training our interest in marine life has grown, and we started to think more about the environment around us and how we can make it better. We became members with Marine Conservation Society and signed for a beach cleaning event held in Sutton on Sea.

It was a bit of a let down that after 20 minutes waiting at the meeting point, nobody turned up, and I couldn’t get hold of anyone at the office as it was shut.

But it didn’t stop us from fulfilling the purpose of our weekend trip to Mablethorpe, and we cleaned the beach on using our own initiative anyway.

Most of the rubbish was blown into the very sharp bushes within the dunes, so some of the litter pickings were quite challenging yet entertaining for Carl watching me getting stabbed in bum a few times.

We soon saw a pattern to what items we were finding, most things found were wet wipes, beer cans, coffee lids, and takeaway containers.

The biggest disappointment were the black bags for dog poops. They were everywhere. Caught on trees, under brushes or buried in the sand. Clearly, people who cleaned up after their dog just threw them into the bushes.

Every little help and I am glad we took part in this event, even it was only two of us! It moved something inside me and got me thinking about how we can eliminate and reduce all the rubbish around us, not just near the beaches. Carl and I are already using less litter, swapping liquid soaps for bars, disposable straws for reusable ones and refusing plastic cutlery in takeaways. Carl has even gone old school with his shavers, opting for the single metal blade instead of the multi-blade ones to save on plastic waste.

Hour n half and two bags full of litter.

Watch our video from the Beach Cleaning below:

If you would like to get involved, check my blog section ‘GET INVOLVED’ and see how else you can support our world!


Love, Karina x


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