Why do you travel?

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We all have different reasons to travel. Some people (like me) wants to escape ordinary life, some people can’t stay in one place for more than a few days and some love to explore or connect. Travelling is giving us new opportunities, perspectives and letting us meet many people from other parts of the world.
…and some of those people agreed to share their travel stories and reasons why they love to travel.

Lenka Says

(Lenka; Slovakia) https://lenkasays.com/

“Some people save money for the future, some people collect expensive things, some people want big houses. But not me. I dedicated my money (and life) to travelling.
I discovered the beauty of travelling quite early. During my elementary school years, there was a chance to go for a week to the UK with my English class to learn a bit more about the language and country. Firstly, my parents were not happy to let me travel abroad at my age, but something told them to let me go. At the age of 12 or 13, I visited London, and I was so impressed that I immediately fell in love with travelling and discovering new countries. Unfortunately, I had to wait a bit until I started to earn my own money, but travelling became my thing right away. Since then I have visited 37 countries, and I am still exploring.
While travelling, I love to try and taste new cuisines. I am excited about all the weird smells all over the globe, I study local habits and try to understand them. I am a junkie for different cultures that give me unusual new perspectives. Every time I come back from my travels I feel inspired and relaxed. I am a new person every time I return from abroad.”

She Makes Me Travel 

(Veronika & Karol; Slovakia) https://www.shemakesmetravel.com

“We are not typical travellers. I (Veronika) have been in love with travelling since our first big exotic trip to Sri Lanka, but Karol has not. So I travel because I like it and Karol because I make him, haha. I am grateful for everything that travelling brings into my life. All new friendships, experiences, and even new skills and knowledge. I think travelling is the best teacher ever. It allows you to see the world with entirely different eyes. You realise that there are more significant issues than not to get a promotion at work or putting on weight during holidays. Nothing is black and white; it is only about how you look at things. Travelling has taught me to be more humble, not to judge before knowing the whole story, to appreciate little things in life, to live the moment, to share with strangers, to smile without big reason, to respect all cultures, religions, and beliefs even if I don’t agree with some thoughts. Last but not least, travelling has also taught me to appreciate freedom and all the opportunities that my home country gives me.

So I could say I travel because I want to learn new things about them
the world I live in and also about myself.”

Together They Travel

(Djamila & Tommy; Netherlands) https://togethertheytravel.com/

“Both of us have always felt this passion to experience new things, submerge ourselves in the overwhelming beauty and peace of nature and to explore this beautiful planet. That is exactly what travel gives us. Neither of us exactly grew up with lots of travelling. Djamila did some travelling while in high school and Tommy took the occasional family trip. It actually wasn’t until we met that travel started to play a bigger role in our lives. Being in a long distance relationship, with the entire Atlantic Ocean and then some in between us forced us to travel just to be able to be together. At first, it was just between Boston, USA and the Netherlands, because that’s where we lived at the time. Then we took a trip to Disneyland Paris for our first anniversary as a couple. We flew out to Las Vegas to get married and we had our belated honeymoon/first wedding anniversary in Northern Norway. Travel was a common topic for us right from the moment we met, but after that Norway trip, we were really bitten by the travel bug. Shortly after we started our Instagram account and later that year we launched our website. Our bucket list became an ever-growing list and now we are just trying to build our brand and cross off as much of our list as we can. It’s through travelling that we came to know ourselves and each other better. Our passions and wishes are much clearer to us now, we have a thirst for adventure, exploration and most of all for freedom. Nothing makes us feel freer than to wander around nature, that’s why we always try to visit a national park during our trips. One thing is sure though, we’re only just getting started!”


(Katarina; Slovakia) https://www.instagram.com/katalerko/

“It is easy to describe with just a few words… freedom, adventure, happiness…
Each travel is a new chapter, story and memory.
The expectation when I’m getting out of the plane. Endless possibilities how the new country will reveal, first impression, this time I feel the most alive…
I remember my first big adventure in Mexico with friends.
When I came back home from this trip, my life changed. My mind was fulfilled, but my soul has never been more hungry. I understand that all of us are looking for something special in our life, some purpose, something that makes our life complete – for me that aren’t material things…. it is travelling…
Travelling is an escape from daily routine, from my stereotype, my problems… it always helps me open my eyes, and think out of the box. I found that my whole world is just a small piece of a puzzle trying to fit somewhere to create a bigger picture. Every kind of experience good or bad, eventually make me grow a lot stronger as a human being. And as a bonus it allows me seeing what makes each place so unique!I love learning about different cultures, their ways of life, tasting delicious food, admire the beauty of nature, amazing views and knowing people….it is incredible how quickly I can find new friends and the friendship is honest on both sides. It is so easy. People are the ones, who make my trip more interesting, personal and also unforgettable.
I learn that people, who have nothing to give, will give you everything. That was my most important lessons in life…
Cultures around the world are very different from each other, I am always trying to observe, understand, and fit in. Do things like locals.
So as I said travelling means a lot for me, it brings adventure in my life, but also peace in my mind…
Until now I have visited many countries…it’s impossible to choose just one as the best.
My favourites are Jamaica because of roots rock reggae and shiny happy people, amazing vibes and lovely nature… South Africa because of wild animals, great views and superb seafood… and Japan because it combines future and history in one piece of art. Don’t get me started about food…
I wish everybody could get to see the world and understand it because nothing is more than this freedom…”

Hand Luggage Only

(Lloyd & Yaya; England) https://handluggageonly.co.uk/

“We’ve both been interested in travel since we were pretty young kids, it’s always been a passion of ours and something that we always saved our money for as we grew older. I think both of our parents each instilled the love of travel in us and we both have the fondest memories of family adventures from growing up.

After finishing school, we would book flights and go anywhere we could afford to travel. Being a student often meant we had to really think of the cost. Over time, we visited loads of new cites, regions and countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

One of the biggest reasons why we both travel is to experience the beautiful cultures, food, a history that is all across the world. We love nothing better than being able to hop on a boat/plane/train and (in no time at all) experience a whole new way of life and area of the world. For us, that’s what makes travel so special… those experiences. We still travel for the exact same reasons as we started travelling. To open our minds to the beautiful world around us.”

Lenka’s Travels

(Lenka; Germany) https://www.instagram.com/lenkas_travels/

“You don´t need the fortune to travel but courage” is a quote that pretty much sums up my idea about travelling. I´ve always been passionate and interested in the countries I´ve never seen, a food I´ve never tasted and smells I´ve never got a chance to smell before… Travelling is the best school of life for teaching me the differences between countries, cultures and their people. I prefer the authentic way of travelling which means to stay with locals, eat their favourite food, see how they live and what makes them happy, to walk tiny streets between their houses and meet kids with their biggest smiles while they are walking home from school. Travelling made me much more an open-minded, respectful, thankful and less judging person. Every time I meet people who have the least and still would share everything with me makes me think about how lucky I am for being born in Europe and how our everyday problems are so small. The world is beautiful, and I can´t imagine living without exploring the countries to make my dreams come true anymore.

Cestujeme Spolu 

(Jozef & Hana; Slovakia) https://www.cestujemespolu.com/

We (Jozef & Hana) started our blog in 2016 before travelling the world for 4 months. Hungry for new experiences and inspired by the world, we began writing our first articles. We merely wanted to have a travel diary and have a place to share inspirational and useful information with our friends & family. Nowadays #cestujemespolu belongs to the most significant travel blogs in Slovakia with 50k+ followers. We both work full time, but we still travel – we hope to inspire regular working people to fulfil their travel dreams and chase after their “bucket list” goals. You don’t need to be a full-time travel blogger to see the world; you need to use your vacation wisely and plan ahead or be spontaneous.

That also pays off. It doesn’t matter if you explore your own country (which we strongly encourage you to do), the country next to yours or on the other side of the planet – it doesn’t matter whether you like to travel with backpack and couch-surfing or pack your suitcase and stay in hotels. The important part is to be there, on the road, to understand, to accept and to embrace the differences of culture, history, tradition and the world in general. Travel for us represents the fantastic combination of adventure, chance to broaden our skills, practice open-mind, create friendships. The most valuable lesson though is that travelling puts your own life into perspective. It teaches you to be humble and to get to know yourself and your values. This is what we get out of travelling and we can never get enough of it 🙂

Cestuj Za Menej

(Daniel & Majka; Slovakia) https://cestujzamenej.sk/

We met several years ago. We immediately knew that travelling is something we have in common. In the beginning, we started exploring the surroundings. After two years we’ve added more remote destinations. And we like it. Our first more significant trip was during the year 2014. We spend the New Year Eve in Dubai, and after this trip, it all started.

It started our tradition of winter trips. In upcoming years we have visited Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and many many more places all around the world. We found so many
friends all around the world, we have explored a lot of places, tried many
kinds of food and used endless means of transport…

And what does it give to us? It provides us with adventure and excitement. We are looking forward to each trip. What would we do, what could we see or try? We can learn new things as well. We have been attempting for example cooking class in Vietnam and Morocco or a lot of information from history. We travel to make new friends and to experience everything, what the world has for us. We have a lot of friends from this travel world, and it is fantastic. Travel has the power to let us escape from our daily routine. Every day is different. We are looking for something new, something unseen.

And after all the trips we can share our experience with others. We are something like storytellers. And that is great. We may not have a lot of material things, but we have lots of stories that we can share with others.

Aga On The Run

(Aga; England)


Why do I travel? Because I have to. The world is too beautiful not to be seen. Because there are too many incredible places not to explore. Because there are too many different cultures not to get to know. A cliché? Probably. So let me give you some more. I travel to learn. Seeing the world for yourself is more educational than any geography or history lesson at school. But I don’t only learn about the world; I also get to know myself. I travel to experience. Experiencing something unfamiliar gives me a real thrill and leaves me with new skills and knowledge. And this is something I want to collect. Instead of a new flat screen, I prefer a unique experience. I travel to expand my horizons. It helps me open my mind and realize that there is no one way to live, that everyone has their own beliefs and interests, that the world is more varied than I thought. I could add a lot to this list: I travel to challenge myself, to find out more about myself, to appreciate what I have…
But most importantly I travel because I can’t sit still. However silly it sounds, I would pick this as the main reason. Being a slightly hyperactive Gemini, I crave constant change. I have a need to explore, to be in a different place (if possible) every day and to know that the next day will be different than the previous one. Stagnancy is my worst enemy. Even though my travel adventure didn’t start that long ago (not counting childhood trips with my parents), I can safely say I will be doing it for the rest of my life.

Exploring With The Girls

(Shakti, Alessandra, Bella; USA) http://explorewiththegirls.com/

I remember having the itch to travel during High School. But none of my friends nor my family showed any enthusiasm for travelling. I remember one of the first trips was to New York City, I won’t divulge the year, and it was explicitly to spend New Year’s Eve in New York City; oh, let’s say it was over 20 years ago. There were no smartphones; there was no internet, not at least the way we know it now. You had to pick up the telephone and call the airline and hotel directly to make sure your reservations were aligned, and everything was in order. I booked everything by myself with the intention of some friends coming with me. I was let down, but I said I was going no matter what.  Well, my family being overprotective did not want me to go by myself, so my super cool grandmother tagged along. But I’ll tell you we had such a great time. Watching the Times Square ball drop with my grandmother was a dream come true. Unfortunately, there was a blizzard that grounded all flights, so we have to sleep in the airport for two nights, and even that could not ruin the trip. Fast forward to today.  Travelling has changed entirely to me. Thinking back I used to travel just to go somewhere, now it’s the entire experience I love. I love the pre-travel planning stage. I love researching where we are going, something that wasn’t so easy back then because now we have the internet and all the information at our fingertips. I buy books specifically for Bella so that she can read on our destination and become familiar with it and know the history and be able to recognize critical historical sites when we go. It’s an all-around experience not just when we get there seeing the sights it’s the before, during and after. It makes us curious, it broadens our knowledge, once we’re there, we got to experience things we don’t have at home. A variety of luxury trips, hiking through mountain roads, crossing entire countries by train, foods that you can’t find at home, and enjoying the different weather, climate, and topography this amazing world has to offer. You name it, we are up for it.

So what does travelling mean to me? A part of life. If you think about it,  we are so blessed.  We have running water, we can wear what we want…  But travelling is an experience and a blessing we’re fortunate to enjoy because we work hard. We’re lucky because we live an area that allows us to work and have the means to do what we do. I appreciate that, with my family, we get to make these happy memories and to have those amazing experiences. I love travelling!



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