Winter Wonderland in London

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I LOVE Christmas! I mean, who doesn’t? Maybe the Grinch, but by the end of the movie, he enjoyed it as well! ?
This will be my third time visiting the most spectacular Christmas Event – Winter Wonderland in London.
Because Christmas is super close, I’ve decided to write about my experiences while visiting Winter Wonderland, what to see, do, drink and eat!
You will also find out why I love it so much and no, not just because they sell mulled wine and Bailey’s hot chocolate!

Winter Wonderland in London - View from the Giant Wheel

1. Plan your visit

When does it start?

Winter Wonderland in London usually starts at the end of November and lasts until the first weekend in January. Entrance is FREE, and it is open every single day except Christmas Day. This year it officially starts on the 21st of November to 5th of January 2020 from around 10am-10pm.


Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
Hyde Park

2. Getting there


This is the best way to get there. I normally jump on the tube from St Pancras Train Station. Best underground lines are as follow:
Victoria, Bond Street, Knightsbridge, Green Park, Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner.
Step-free access is at Victoria and Green Park stop.


Roads in London are super busy and have limited parking. Jump on the tube, you will save yourself so much time, instead of cursing while stuck in one of those London traffic jams, you could be sipping mulled wine!


The closest taxi ranks for Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is located on the northbound carriageway of Park Lane with Brook Gate being the nearest entrance.

Bus Routes: 

Check this website and plan your journey accordingly.
I always use this page when I plan my trip to London, as it can get very confusing!

North : 6, 7, 16, 19, 23, 36, 52, 73, 82, 98, 113, 274, 390, 414, C2
South : 2, 19, 36, 137, 148, 159, 436
West : 9, 14, 19, 22, 23, 52, 74, 94, 148, 414
East : 30, 38, 274


Don’t want to rely on public transport? Check the map below to book your perfect stay and enjoy your time in Winter Wonderland in London even longer!

Winter Wonderland in London Entrance Hyde Park

3. Attractions

Winter Wonderland in London is very popular and gets very busy, so I advise you to pre-book your tickets for attractions online

Tip: If you can, plan your rides and attractions carefully. Obviously, weekends are the most busiest and expensive times as kids are off from school and plenty of tourists come to London to enjoy the most famous Christmas decorations during their winter weekend away.

Ice Rink

Winter Wonderland in London Ice Skating

Some of the attractions change every year, but some remain, like the giant ice rink! If you love skating, you don’t want to miss it. It is great fun, you also burn a few calories and make space for all those chocolate crepes with Nutella and Hot chocolates with Baileys! You have to pre-book the ice rink early as it gets hectic. The ice rink is open daily from 10am to 10pm, so plenty of time to visit and skate! The session lasts about 50 minutes and runs every hour. In the price rental skates is included.

Ice Rink Cost

Giant Wheel 

Giant Wheel is Winter Wonderland’s tradition; it is there every year and offers a great view of the entire park! This year it has been swapped for a new 70 metres high version making it even better, meaning you can now ride on the world tallest transportable wheel! Enjoy the view, guys!

Giant Wheel Cost

The Magical Ice Kingdom

Winter Wonderland in London - Ice Kingdom

One of my absolute favourite ones! I visited the Ice Kingdom only once, but loved it! All those beautifully crafted ice sculptures took my breath away, and I couldn’t believe my own eyes!

From a giant whale to a whole Eskimo family, sledges with dogs you could actually sit in! If you love Frozen, snow and ice – this one is for you. Trust me, the money you pay for tickets is so worth it! One quick tip, obviously because the sculptures are made from ice, it is absolutely freezing inside to keep the art alive. Bring some thick gloves and a hat to keep you warm. The theme for 2019 is the famous Christmas Story by Charles Dickens.

The Magical Kingdom Cost

Winter Wonderland in London - Amazing Ice Sculpture


Tip: Never lick an ice sculpture!

Ice Show

Oh! Another favourite one! I’ve always loved ice skating, especially figure skating. I’m from a small village in Slovakia and every year in winter, when the lake freezes, I’d spent hours and hours ice skating and dreamt of becoming a figure skating. It is such a beautiful, sophisticated, gentle sport, and it makes my eyes water while watching someone perform! This year’s theme is Paddington on ice, and I can’t wait to see it!

Winter Wonderland in London Ice Show

The Ice Show Cost

Zippos Christmas Circus

Entertainment for the whole family. It doesn’t matter if you are sixty or six, everyone has that inner child in them, especially when it comes to the circus! From popcorn, candy floss, hot drinks and circus props, it offers barrels of laughing and fun!

Zippos Circus Cost

Cirque Berserk 

I personally haven’t visited this show before, so I cannot tell you more about it from my own experience. This year’s show – Freefall – combines off the chart thrills with mind-blowing stuns.

“Set against a dystopian fantasy world, dazzling aerialists will perform gravity-defying feats high in the MegaDome, While in the ring below the legendary Globe of Death is back by popular demand, with its high-speed motorcyclists, speeding at up to 60mph inside a giant steel cage. “ (as stated on

Cirque Berserk

Bar Hutte Karaoke

I have never, ever done karaoke! Ever! I know, it is sad! I just never had an opportunity! In Winter Wonderland, in the Bar Hutte Karaoke, what could be better than having a good laugh with your friends, after a few glasses of mulled wine and singing Christmas songs together with no tone at all? Bring your friends and family together and enjoy Winter Wonderland to fullest!

Winter Wonderland in London - Karaoke Hutte
Karaoke Hutte Cost

Small Hutte holds up to 10 people, Large up to 20 people. The more, the merrier!

 Season Ride Pass

With 45 days of Winter Fun in Winter Wonderland, this year you can get yourself a seasonal pass, which you can easily top-up online or in the Box Office before your visit and enjoy the rides and shows over and over. The minimum top-up amount for the first time purchase is £20, but if you spend £80, you will get a Christmas Bonus of £5!

All the attractions and Season Ride Pass can be purchased on this below link:

4. Rides at Winter Wonderland in London

Apart from shows, Winter Wonderland in London is also full of rides for both the young and the old offering hours and hours of good fun and life lasting moments.
There is so much to do, eat, and drink, it is unreal, and I promise you that you will never leave Winter Wonderland grumpy!

5. Santa Land

Going to Lapland to see the real Santa can be financially destructive, but he has got it all figured out this year! Santa is going on holiday to London! Take your little ones to Winter Wonderland in London to see him here! Plus, if the kids were good all year round, Santa will have a surprise for them.
Of course, seeing Santa is FREE!
Santa is available in his Grotto from 10am to 6pm, but check his schedule here. I can imagine he will be super busy getting ready for Christmas too!

6. Christmas Market

What is a better way of getting into the Christmas spirit than walking around wooden stalks with hand-crafted Christmas decorations or selling Christmas delights? If you don’t have your Christmas presents figured out yet, maybe the handmade crafts will inspire you.

7. Food and Drinks at Winter Wonderland in London

A fan of mulled wine? What about hot chocolate with Baileys, whipped cream and mini marshmallows on top? A warm apple cider with a sprinkle of cinnamon? Or do you prefer a standard pint?
Winter Wonderland in London has got covered all your taste buds and cravings. You will find it all – cozy chalets, outdoor seating with street food, cafes, restaurants, Ice Bar serving drinks in glasses made from ice, giant Tipi inspired by Vikings. You name it!


I have been twice to Winter Wonderland in London already since I’ve been living in the UK and this year won’t be any different. I love Winter Wonderland. Every time I went, I ended up having a fantastic time. If you guys love Christmas, rides, all the variety of Christmas food and drinks, make sure you plan your trip down to London and don’t miss this event.


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