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If you are looking for content creators, photographers or videographers, you are in the right place!

We are a very people-oriented couple, and communication for us is the key to success. We always stand by our values and honesty and want to aspire others to travel and explore more.

With our professional experience in the marketing world, especially Digital Marketing, we can offer a wide range of marketing, advertising, and Social Media coverage.

Social Media: Karina Keeps Escaping can help you grow your brand, hotel, or product by ensuring it reaches a highly-engaged audience on every Social Media Platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Karina Keeps Escaping currently has over 30,000 impressions just on Twitter per month.

Blog Post: We offer not only to promote yourselves via Social Media but also evergreen blog posts with quality high-resolution pictures and backlinking to your site, all optimized with SEO.

Content Creation: With our extensive equipment and graphic design skills (not only in Photoshop but also Adobe Premiere, InDesign and Illustrator) We can create high-quality photos and videos which you can use on your website and other platforms.

This blog was officially launched 1st November 2018 and has engaged with a variety of people and brands across multiple Social Media Platforms.

Besides everything previously mentioned we also cover:

  • Website building and Maintaining (plugins, comments, layout, hosting, building a brand new website)
  • SEO and Google Ads/Social Media Advertising
  • Graphics Designing (online/offline banners, flyers and brochures all based on the customer’s request)
  • Building Email Marketing campaigns
  • Creating interactive Newsletters

So, hey, if you have any queries, would like to work with us or to see some examples of what we can do, please feel free to send us an email requesting our Media Kit at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Karina and Carl

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